NASA invites the public to see asteroid Bennu transported by OSIRIS-REx: Okezone techno

WASHINGTON – NASA will offer the public the opportunity to see asteroid samples carried by the probe OSIRIS-Rex them on Earth. Through the account

The capsule contains rocks and dust that come from the surface of a near-Earth asteroid, asteroid Bennu. This capsule successfully landed at a Department of Defense training site in the Utah desert on September 24. Since then, scientists immediately got to work to carry out the first analyzes regarding the asteroid capsule.

For information, the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft took samples from Bennu in 2020. For a year and a half, OSIRIS-Rex spent time observing the asteroid from space. Then, in May 2021, this asteroid capsule began its journey back to Earth.

After landing last month, the capsule was flown to Houston, Texas, so NASA’s Johnson Space Center could open it. On the other hand, OSIRIS-REx is still in space and is currently traveling to an asteroid called Apophis with the OSIRIS-APEX mission.

The asteroid Bennu is believed to be more than 4.5 billion years old, and its components may hold clues to knowledge of how the solar system evolved and how the elements that formed life appeared on Earth. This mission managed to obtain more data than previously thought, which amazed scientists.

According to NASA’s deputy chief of curatorship at OSIRIS-REx, Christopher Sneadr, “The main problem is the large amount of material found and it took longer than expected to collect it,” he said. later the public will be able to find out more about what scientists have discovered in the material so far.Taja Aurora Bianca)

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