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NASA samples successfully sent by asteroid in space on earth Sunday (9/24/2023). Sampling an asteroid estimated to be 4.5 billion years old is also the initial goal of the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft mission, first launched in 2016.

Reported by the site The limitOn Tuesday (9/26/2023) the asteroid sample successfully transported in the OSIRIS-REx mission came from one of the asteroids surrounding the Earth called Bennu.

At a speed of 47,000 miles per hour, the capsule containing the asteroid samples successfully landed at the Utah Department of Defense Test and Training Range at 10:52 a.m. local time.

About 250 grams of collected Bennu asteroid samples will then be taken to a special facility at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston for further research related to the formation of the Solar System.

“NASA invests in small-body missions like OSIRIS-REx to investigate the large population of asteroids in our solar system that can give us clues about how the solar system formed and evolved,” said Melissa Morris, program manager OSIRIS-REx.

In this regard, scientists explain the importance of asteroid samples, one of which is useful for researching the possibility of the existence of the basic elements of life: organic compounds on Earth transported by asteroids millions to billions of years ago.

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Furthermore, to carry out research in this sense, pure samples from space are needed. This is in line with research into the process of formation of the Earth and the Solar System, which requires that research be conducted looking at the Earth and the Solar System itself.

On the other hand, the estimated age of 4.5 billion years from the Bennu asteroid sample itself is still uncertain. However, this age actually exceeds the age of the oldest rocks ever found on Earth, which is 4 billion years. This asteroid sample dating back 500 years to Bennu has the potential to be the oldest time capsule ever discovered from the earliest stages of the Solar System.

Meanwhile, it is known that the same asteroid sampling mission will continue. The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft, which is currently still in space, will reportedly undergo a follow-up mission called OSIRIS-APEX. Where, in this mission, a new asteroid target that will approach Earth in the next few years, Apophis, will be studied. (Then heal Sya’bana)

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