MPL ID Season 12: Geek Fam and Bigetron Alpha make it through the playoffs, ready to battle RRQ and Onic in the upper bracket: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – First day of playoffs MPL ID Season 12 took place on Wednesday (10/11/2023). This round was a match between four teams, Geek Fam versus Dewa United Esports and Bigetron Alpha versus Rebellion Zion.

In the first round, Geek Fam and Dewa United competed in four matches. In the first match, Geek Fam managed to beat Dewa United. Meanwhile, in the second match, Dewa United continued to show their strength to beat Geek Fam.

In the third match, Geek Fam won the match again. They didn’t seem to want to let Dewa United take over their victory. Then in the fourth match, Dewa United seemed to be able to outplay their opponent in the opening minutes. However, this time Dewa United had to accept defeat by Geek Fam who managed to score a final score of 3 – 1.

In the second round, it was Bigetron Alpha’s turn to fight Rebellion Zion. With just three matches, Bigetron Alpha managed to beat Rebellion Zion with a score of 3 – 0. In the second match, this fierce match broke the record of the longest match of MPL ID Season 12, lasting more than 40 minutes. Bigetron Alpha didn’t seem to leave much of a gap in Rebellion Zion, and wiped out the entire game.

The two teams that managed to win in the playoffs will continue to compete in the upper bracket bracket on Thursday (10/12/2023). As already known, Onic Esports and RRQ have already achieved great victories in the previous round. This is an advantage for their team which immediately enters the upper group.

In this round of the upper bracket, Geek Fam will compete against RRQ at 1pm WIB. Meanwhile, Bigetron Alpha will continue to compete against Onic Esports in the second round at 18.15 WIB.

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The schedule of the next matches is as follows.

Thursday 12 October 2023

– 1.00pm WIB – RRQ vs Geek Fam
– 18.15 WIB – ONIC Esports vs Bigetron Alpha

Friday 13 October 2023

– 12.30 WIB – Semi-final of the lower group
– 18.45 WIB – Final of the upper group

Saturday 14 October 2023

– 18.15 WIB – Final of the lower group

Sunday 15 October 2023
– 5.00pm WIB – Grand Finale

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