Most West Java dengue cases in Bandung city, highest number of deaths in Karawang

TIME.CO, Bandung – Total cases dengue hemorrhagic fever OR dbd extension Of West Java From January to August 2023, 11,076 people were registered with 77 deaths. “This death is relatively high,” said Yudi Koharudin, head of the communicable disease prevention and control team at the West Java Health Service, on Wednesday, September 6, 2023.

The highest number of dengue cases occurred in the city of Bandung, with 1,281 people, while the highest number of deaths occurred in Karawang regency, ie nine people.

According to Yudi, so far there are five cities with high DHF case rates. In the city of Bandung with the highest number of dengue cases in West Java, six people have died.

Other areas with high number of cases are around Jakarta, namely Bekasi city with 947 cases, three people died; Bogor Regency with 888 cases, two people dead; and Depok City with 784 cases, five people have died.

While in Karawang, nine people out of 761 DHF patients died. “Because he died because the patient was taken too late to a healthcare facility or hospital,” Yudi said.

Residents are advised to immediately take family members who have a hot body or fever for up to three days to a doctor for a rapid examination or rapid test.

Based on the data, there are five cities with the highest DHF morbidity or incident rates in West Java. For every 100,000 residents, there are 65 residents of Sukabumi City affected by DHF. Bogor and Sumedang cities both have 61 people, Bandung city has 49 cases and Pangandaran 39 people.

While the five cities with the highest number of death cases or deaths due to DHF, namely Banjar City 3.8%, Cirebon City (3.4%), Tasikmalaya City (2.2%), Kuningan (1, 5%) and Karawang Regency (1.2%).


Overall, the trend of dengue cases reported in West Java from January to August 2023 tends to decrease. In January there were 1,953 cases, February (1,539), March (1,465), April (1,322). In May, dengue cases increased to 1,707 cases, before decreasing again in June (1,420), July (1,361) and August to 309 cases. The largest number of deaths occurred in February, that is, 17 people, and in June, 15 people.

The prevention of dengue cases, according to Yudi, is linked to efforts to clean the environment of stagnant water so that the Aedes a Egypti mosquito does not reproduce. Surveillance efforts have been relayed by cadres and health officials to community groups and school-age children who have been engaged as mosquito larvae monitors in their homes.

“If there are larvae, report them to parents to empty the bathtub,” he said. This method is considered very effective compared to having teams of mosquito larvae monitors who check house to house.

Previously, on May 15, 2023, the Director General of Disease Prevention and Control at the Ministry of Health, Maxi Rein Rondonuwu, issued a circular on early dengue precautions regarding climate change due to El Nino.

According to the ministry, the arrival of El Nino in Indonesia will usually be followed by an increase in dengue cases and extraordinary accidents due to rising temperatures. It will increase the replication of the dengue virus, as well as the mosquito’s sucking cycle (gonotropic cycle) and its transmission capacity. At temperatures up to 33 degrees Celsius, mosquitoes suck blood up to once every two days.

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