More than 50 stranded dead pilot whales suspected of severe stress: Okezone techno

TO MEASURE big whales force them to be in the deep sea. If you find yourself in too shallow water, the whales can be swept away and stranded on the beach.

Cases of beached whales also often occur, because the whales get lost. In some cases, they are taken away because their bodies are weak. However, there are very rare cases of mass strandings of whales.

Well, recently dozens of pilot whales washed up on a beach near the town of Albany at the southern tip of Western Australia. The whales are suspected to have experienced severe stress until they were eventually lost.

Quoting from Al Jazeera, Macquarie University wildlife scientist Vanessa Pirotta said that before being beached, these whales had been recorded by drones as having abnormal movements.

While it’s still unknown exactly why they straddled en masse, Vanessa suspects the whales were distressed and disoriented, as they didn’t know they existed.

“The fact that they’re in an area very huddled together, and doing very interesting behaviors, and occasionally looking around, suggests that something else is going on that we don’t know about,” he said.

“They often have a follow-the-leader mentality, and that may be one of the reasons we see not just one but many stuck. Maybe members follow the leader,” Vanessa added.

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The Australian government itself together with volunteers tried to return a group of whales that had run aground at sea. However, given their large size and high numbers, these efforts are suboptimal.

More than 50 pilot whales have been reported dead and only a few have been rescued. Reece Whitby, Western Australia’s environment minister, said the phenomenon was heartbreaking.

“What we saw was absolutely heartbreaking and sad. What a terrible tragedy it was to see this pilot whale dead on the beach. We did everything we could to save the whale,” Whitby said.

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