Monkeypox case in Bandung, Health Service: Findings among people with HIV

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Case results monkeypox OR monkeypox alias mpox by Bandung they come from certain backgrounds. According to the head of the disease prevention and control division of the West Java Health Service, Rochady Hendra Setia Wibawa, the case was discovered thanks to the results of a laboratory test at the Ministry of Health in Jakarta. “Found in people with low immune disorders or people with HIV or PLHIV,” she said on Monday, October 30, 2023.

The initial findings come from a report from a health clinic that served people with HIV or PLHIV. The clinic then turns to the Community Health Center or Community Health Center, then the patient is referred to the Central General Hospital dr. Hasan Sadikin or RSHS Bandung. The patient then underwent tests at the Ministry of Health laboratory in Jakarta.

The examination of monkeypox cases, according to Rochady, was concentrated in Jakarta. “Our lab has no reagents,” she said. The compound or mixture is needed to test for the presence of a disease. Subsequently, if cases of monkeypox are found in cities and districts, the forms and other data will be sent directly to the Ministry of Health laboratory.

So far, as of Monday afternoon, October 30, 2023, Rochady said, only one case of monkeypox in West Java has been found in the city of Bandung. The West Java Health Service will then collect data on some communities in cities and districts.”We will also coordinate with the Ministry of Health on the possibility of carrying out vaccinations for the communities,” she said.

Vaccination is done so that the disease does not cause many symptoms so that it does not spread anywhere. According to Rochady, monkeypox is almost the same as smallpox. However, cases of transmission occur in certain community settings and the body’s immunity is low. “There are more cases of PLHIV,” she said.


Previously, the director general of disease prevention and control at the Ministry of Health, Maxi Rein Rondonuwu, was reported to have said that the increase in monkeypox cases was due to risky sexual behavior. “Patients with smallpox have risky sexual behavior factors with the appearance of lesions and reddish rashes,” she said. Additional symptoms include fever, swollen lymph nodes, sore throat, myalgia, rash, and difficulty swallowing.

Meanwhile, 21 cases of monkeypox have occurred, according to the head of the Communications and Public Services Bureau of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, Siti Nadia Tarmizi. The locations of the findings were Jakarta, South Tangerang and Bandung.

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