Miss Universe Indonesia finalist Alya Zahira is a graduate of the ITB School of Pharmacy

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Alya Zahira, one of the alumni of Bandung Institute of Technology School of Pharmacy (ITB extension), managed to carve out an achievement in the Miss Universe Indonesia event. Alya was chosen as a finalist to represent DKI Jakarta. She also made the top ten, knocking out dozens of other entrants.

Launched from the ITB website, his love for the world of pageant or beauty pageant always motivated him to keep trying until he finally landed the title.

A graduate of pharmaceutical sciences, Alya understands very well that the healthcare sector is essential to improve the quality of life. Her goal is to advocate for Indonesian women’s health, particularly in the prevention of stunting.

In his opinion, beautiful in appearance alone is not enough. A woman for him must also have beauty from within. In making it, he plays an active role in various social activities, one of which is Fempire.

Fempire is a community that welcomes Indonesian women to become leaders through personal development training. Through this program, she hopes to motivate women out there to become more independent people and have bright career visions.

However, he also admits that building character isn’t easy. At first, he admitted that he is a shy person. Her self-confidence grew over time, when she joined the women’s basketball team.

At that time, he and his team won several times in various competitions, including second place in the 2017 Swiss National Championship, first place in the 2018 3×3 Yogya Competition and many more.


“Being involved in basketball has given me many invaluable life lessons, to shape me into the person I am today,” Alya said.

His persistent attitude grew even more when he managed to overcome difficult times while pursuing a degree at the ITB School of Pharmacy. He realized that his educational path up to that point had led him to become a more adaptable and tolerant person.

He also admits that he is proud to be an ITB graduate, because it has successfully taught him to embrace diversity from his friends who hail from various regions.

Becoming a Miss Universe Indonesia is a new door for her to focus on spreading awareness about the importance of strong women in society. She is very motivated to inspire Indonesian women to be tougher.

The hope for the future is that his experience and background will benefit the wider community, especially in improving the quality of health.

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