Ministry of Religion Review Pre-Service PPG Implementation, here’s what was done

TIME.CO, Jakarta – The Ministry of Religion or Ministry of Religion has started to review the implementation of professional teacher education (PPG extension) Pre-service. So far, the Ministry of Religion has only held PPG in office. This pre-service PPG was jointly discussed at the Ministry of Religion PPG National Committee Team Meeting which was held in Bandung on Saturday, July 29.

The meeting was attended by the Director of Islamic Religious Higher Education, the Secretary of the General Directorate for Orientation of Christian Communities, the Director of Catholic Education, the Head of the Sub-Directorate for Hindu Education and the Head of the Sub-Directorate -Directorate for Buddhist Education.

Director General of Islamic Education M. Ali Ramdhani said his party continues to make efforts to improve the quality and quality of PPG graduates. According to him, PPG really must be able to produce professional teachers capable of improving the educational attainment of the nation.

“The PPG implementation policy is one of the government’s efforts to realize the ideals of national education. Therefore, various PPG learning innovations should be worked seriously on in order to produce quality degree outcomes,” he said on Monday, July 31. 2023 from the Ministry of Religion website.

Ramdhani said the pre-service PPG detention talk needed to be worded seriously. Therefore, pre-service PPG can indeed produce professional teacher candidates.

“Currently the Ministry of Religion has not yet held the pre-service PPG, but the team is currently conducting a careful study related to the implementation mechanism of the pre-service PPG,” he explained.

Ramdhani also explained that the queue for the paramotor in its current location is very long, reaching more than 40 years. According to him, the General Directorate of Islamic Education must begin to formulate strategic steps so that this does not become a continuous and never-ending problem.

The Director of Islamic Religious Higher Education who is also Chairman of the PPG National Committee of the Ministry of Religion, Ahmad Zainul Hamdi, said that there will be a review of the working system of the National Committee in the near future. According to him, this is important so that the political steps of the national committee can be more measurable and direct.


“Currently, the composition of the national committee is not yet specifically detailed, so often the tasks and functions among the staff overlap. The formation of divisions in the national committee will facilitate the coordination of the division of labor, so that every achievement in every component can be measured accurately,” she said.

Director of Teachers and Educational Staff of the Madrasa Muhammad Zain said that currently the Directorate of Teachers and Educational Staff of the Madrasa has long list 48,089 teachers who passed the academic selection and were not invited to participate in the PPG. Different political formulations have been made in order to immediately resolve the queue. One of them is PPG In Position Category II.

“The PPG in Category II positions is aimed at teachers appointed from 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2019. So far, the PPG in the new positions has targeted teachers teaching TMT through 31 December 2015. With the PPG in the category of position II hopefully can accelerate, there are so many queues for the long list,” explained Zain.

Zain also explained, from 48,089 long list of these, 16,626 were teachers in category II positions. This means that the potential for PPG participants in Category II positions is tremendous.

Secretary of the Ministry of Religion’s PPG National Committee Mustofa Fahmi said that the Ministry of Religion’s PPG National Committee is committed to ensuring the quality of PPG graduates at the Ministry of Religion.

“The national committee is preparing strategic steps to increase the achievements of PPG graduate students in office, one of which is to provide reinforcement injections try matter,” Fahmi said.

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