Ministry of Education and Culture opens matching fund program for 2024, with total funding of IDR 750 billion

TIME.CO, Jakarta – The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) has reopened the program Matching fund Kedaireka or Matching Fund in 2024. This program offers funding opportunities for collaboration University with partners in collaboration to develop innovation. The period for accepting proposals is from 1 to 31 October 2023.

Acting Director General of Higher Education, Research and Technology Ministry of Education and Culture Nizam said the Match Fund 2024 program was opened earlier than the previous year. The consideration is that universities have sufficient time to plan, design and evaluate the proposal process.

“So far there have been complaints about the short running times of the program. “In fact, to make a product that is truly ready to be made until the time of release in the market, it takes a long time,” Nizam said, Tuesday, October 3, 2023.

It is hoped that this program will encourage the formation of a closer collaborative ecosystem between campus, partners, government and society. In the Kedaireka Matching Fund programme, universities collaborate with partners to increase benefits and relevance and adapt the development of science and technology to the needs of partners and society.

There are five research priorities in the Match Fund 2024 program for Indonesia’s economic transformation, namely green economy, blue economy, digital economy, strengthening tourism and healthcare independence. The Match Fund 2024 program also includes 2 main programs, namely:

1. Scheme A: partnership for the downstreaming of research results or expertise
2. Scheme B: Partnership for community empowerment or government governance efficiency.

When submitting proposals, universities can form consortia with several universities or research bodies, including foreign ones. However, the chosen partner must be a legal entity.

The proposed funding comes from funds from the Director General of Higher Education and Technology and partners, with a minimum ratio of 1:1. The expenditure and use of funds shall be guided by Regulation Number 49 of 2023 of the Minister of Finance regarding input cost standards for fiscal year 2024.

Proposer and partner requirements

Find out the requirements that must be met by each potential applicant and partner in the Match Fund 2024 program.

1. The proposing team must meet the following requirements:
A. He comes from Higher Education under the Director General of Higher Education and Technology
B. Have a National Teacher Identification Number/Special Teacher Identification Number
C. Registered in Kedaireka
Q. I am not currently studying any further academic pursuits or pursuits such as academic top-up, postdoctoraland other
And. The proposing foreman will not budge home base from academic to professional during the program

2. Recipients of the previous year’s funding may re-register, provided they have achieved good results in implementing the previous Match Fund

3. He has no affiliation or family relationship with his partner

4. The proposing university is not in coaching status and submits a declaration of capacity from the university leadership to instruct the Matching Fund Program management unit to carry out monitoring and internal evaluation

5. Proposers may submit a maximum of one proposal per title each as president and member, or two proposals per member title

6. Partners must be legal entities, registered with Kedaireka and meet the following conditions:
A. Have a minimum small scale business scale
B. Partner government agencies at least at the district/city service level
C. Show the last year’s financial statements
D. Attach a declaration of funding commitment from the partners according to the selected scheme

7. The proposer and partner have agreed to work together, proven by status Encounter on the Kedaireka platform.

Proposal Administration Requirements

Please pay attention to the administrative requirements set out in the following funding proposal presentation.

1. A statement of commitment from partners willing to provide funds
If there is more than one partner, all partners are required to make a declaration letter on one stamp and affix the company or partner’s stamp (in one file PDF)

2. Letter declaring no move home base to vocations during the implementation of the program
The head of the proposing group is required to issue a declaration and sign it with a stamp (in a single file PDF)

3. Declaration letter stating that the proposer is not currently studying further and is not affiliated or related to partners

4. Personal data/Curriculun Vitae of the proposing team (in a single file PDF)

5. Partner profile and portfolio

6. Declaration of agreement between the president of the proponent and the main partner signed under seal

7. Letter of appointment from a university equivalent financing program management unit

8. Draft cost budget (RAB).

Head of the Administrative Subdivision of the Secretariat of the Directorate General of Education and Technology and Engagement Officer for the Matching Fund Programme, Didi Rustam, said that since 2021, the Matching Fund Program has seen an increase in interest year on year . In 2021, 1,270 proposals were submitted. The number of interested parties will increase to 4,700 proposals in 2022 and 5,600 proposals in 2023.

The full guide and Kedaireka Matching Fund Program 2024 form file can be downloaded from the Kedaireka website. Registration also takes place via the same link.


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