Minister Budi Arie continues to cry war on online gambling and closes almost half a billion accesses

TIME.CO, Jakarta – The Ministry of Communications and Informatics or Kemenkominfo has taken action against 425,506 online gambling contents until October 18, 2023 as a serious step to eradicate widespread online gambling in Indonesia.

“From July 18 to October 18, 2023, we stopped access for 425,506 pieces of gambling content. 237,096 of the contents came from Internet Protocol address (IP address) sites, 17,235 pieces of content came from file sharing, and 171,175 pieces of content came from social media. media,” said the Minister of Communications and Information Technology (Ministry of Communications and Information) Budi Arias Setiadi at his press conference at the Ministry of Communication and Information, Jakarta, Friday, October 20, 2023.

Budi said that in addition to directly blocking access to negatively charged content, the Ministry of Communication and Information has also taken other preventive measures through cooperation with Internet service providers.

Through this collaboration, the Ministry of Communication and Information communicates with Internet service providers to be able to quickly proceed to close access to negative content, including regarding online gambling.

Other collaborations have also been carried out with various ministries and institutions so that the management of the eradication of online gambling can be more optimal. One of these concerns the institutions of the economic sector.

“Some time ago, we asked the Financial Services Authority (OJK) to block 2,760 accounts from July 17, 2023 to October 16, 2023. We also asked Bank Indonesia (BI) to increase efforts to prevent online gambling activities ” Budi said.

Budi said that online gambling in Indonesia is estimated to have a transaction value of IDR 160-350 trillion every year, so access to financial services must be limited.

He did not forget to mention that the Ministry of Communication and Information also works with social media platforms so that advertising related to online gambling can be removed from their services.


He gave examples of several digital platforms that have obediently supported the removal of gambling content in Indonesia, including Google, Meta Group and Tiktok.

He also called on more stakeholders, including the police and the general public, to take part in the movement to eradicate online gambling.

Budi said the Ministry of Communications and Information continues to support the National Police to firmly arrest perpetrators from upstream to downstream who are involved in providing access to and promoting online gambling.

“This is not enough. The active role of the community is to promote the fight against war online gambling in the surrounding environment is very necessary. “Protecting family, friends and the people around them to combat online gambling is a concrete step to eradicate this social disease,” hopes Minister Budi.

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