Millennial and Z generations use social media 6 hours a day, Budi Arie: Fight for peaceful elections

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Minister of Communication and Information Budi Arias Setiadi said that 2024 will be a year of great democracy for the country. Because, after the elections, in the same year Indonesia will also hold regional head elections or regional elections at the same time.

“As the level varies from national to regional, you can imagine how noisy the elections will be in 2024,” he said at the #YukUnderstandPemilu event organized by Google and YouTube Indonesia in Jakarta, Wednesday, September 20, 2023.

Budi Arie forwarded to the General Election Commission (KPU) notes on the increase in the number of voters by 12% compared to the 2019 elections. Now the number has reached 204,807,222 people. The Millennial generation and Generation Z dominate as the largest voters.

Currently, the number of Internet users in the country exceeds 212 million, with an Internet penetration rate reaching 78%. The Millennial generation and Generation Z spend an average of 6 hours a day on social media.

“Faced with these conditions, the Ministry of Communications and Information is here to encourage peaceful elections in 2024. This agenda is one of the government’s priorities for the next 13 months with the aim of presenting peaceful, useful, dignified and of quality,” he said. .

Entire stakeholders Hopefully we can also continue to help and work together to make it happen. The implementation of the 2024 peaceful elections will be carried out in cooperation with digital platforms, election organizers, election supervisors, as well as other ministries and institutions.

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3 Strategies of the Ministry of Communications and Information


Especially for digital platforms, the Ministry of Communications and Information will launch 3 main strategies. Starting from content control, from digital literacy, to peaceful electoral campaigns. “It is necessary to pursue peaceful elections as potential information chaos continues to loom. The Ministry of Communications and Information recorded more than 928 hoaxes in the 2019 elections,” he said.

As a solution, Budi Adie said the Ministry of Communication and Information is taking management measures at upstream, middle and downstream levels. Upstream, the Ministry of Communication and Information is encouraging greater digital literacy and skills in the community in responding to hoaxes.

Meanwhile, at the intermediate level, the Ministry of Communications and Information publishes classifications of hoaxes. “We will simply classify it as a hoax or a deviance,” she said.

Budi Arie highlighted that the spread of hoax news could have an impact on decreasing public trust in the electoral process and government institutions, the emergence of political polarization in society, as well as the instability of political and social conditions. “We create space digital healthy way to achieve peaceful elections in 2024,” he said.

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