Microsoft officials reveal Microsoft’s vision for Windows and artificial intelligence

TIME.CO, Jakarta Microsoft is ready to share their “future vision” of integrating AI into Windows, Microsoft 365 services, Surface, and more during their special event.

The event took place just days after former Windows and Surface boss Panos Panay publicly announced his resignation.

In an internal note obtained The limitYusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s head of consumer marketing, said that this “special event” will build on OpenAI’s existing partnerships and that this is just the beginning of the AI-driven vision for Microsoft’s key products.

“We have innovated and brought this incredible technology to Edge and Bing. Microsoft 365 and, above all, Windows Copilot. “Everything is in the new Windows 11 PCs, from Surface to our valued OEM partners,” Mehdi said in the note.

“We will share the next steps we will take to further develop this work and lead into an exciting new era. I will keep news of this event under wraps until we tell the world later this week, but it will provide a glimpse of what the future holds.” She added.

Mehdi also said that the work of Microsoft Surface, Silicon and Devices, now under the direction of Pavan Davuluri, will be critical to Microsoft’s future cloud and client experiences. “This is our opportunity to leap forward and change the way devices and systems work,” Mehdi said. “Our vision here has been clearly communicated to our most valued partners and met with tremendous enthusiasm.”


Microsoft SQ1 chip

Microsoft is reportedly working on its own AI chip that could rival NVIDIA. This Microsoft project could involve OEMs shipping laptops with NPU (Neural Processing Unit) chips for AI tasks and future versions of Windows. Microsoft is expected to announce the Surface Laptop Studio 2 at the event and may include its own NPU.

“By bringing Windows, Web and Services together into one team under the leadership of Mikhail Parakhin, we are providing the opportunity to reinvent our software offerings and consumer experience in an AI-first and Copilot world,” Mehdi said.

“We are leaders in this space, and I believe the speed and pace of change that will occur by bringing these teams together into one organization will be an incredible opportunity to differentiate ourselves and deliver value in a way that no one else has today. ”

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