Metrodata Solution Day 2023 brings the power of AI into the age of digital supremacy

TIME.CO, JakartaMetrodata once again organizing Metrodata Solution Day 2023, at Shangri-La Hotels Jakarta. The theme of the event is “The Power of TO THE in the age of digital supremacy”. This year’s event is the eighteenth time.

Susanto Djaja, President and Director of PT Metrodata Electronics Tbk, said the AI ​​theme for this year’s Metrodata Solution Day was chosen because it is considered “the next big thing” in the technology world. Even though AI has been around for a long time, it hasn’t been widely applied in the enterprise segment. So, through this moment of Metrodata Solution Day, Metrodata wants to open the thinking of existing enterprise customers and potential customers about artificial intelligence.

“We hope they gain awareness and understanding of AI and Metrodata is a ready partner to help implement AI through partnerships with various parties participating in this event,” Susanto said in his statement, Thursday, August 24, 2023. .

Magdalena Hendrata, regional vice president of Anaplan Indonesia and Thailand, said Indonesia faces a significant opportunity in a context of great global volatility.

“Anaplan is pleased to partner with Metrodata to help organizations change the way they view, plan and conduct business with confidence, harness the power of new technologies such as artificial intelligence in actionable information, democratize data and make it more accessible so they can feel confident providing greater value to encourage growth in their business,” he said.

Marina Kacaribu, CEO of Cisco Indonesia, said AI will bring transformative changes to Indonesian companies by making all processes technology-based. “We have a huge opportunity to make the process of doing business in Indonesia more personalized and inclusive, with more reliable but simpler protection,” she said.


“We have just announced the many new capabilities AI has in our portfolio of collaboration technologies and security technologies. We look forward to working with our partner ecosystem to apply these capabilities to the business sector in Indonesia.” he added.

Rully Moulany, vice president of Asia at Confluent, said, “Artificial intelligence, especially generative AI, has recently gained public attention and presents significant opportunities for organizations. However, the ability of applications AI-powered systems, databases, and systems to adapt to different real-time data contexts is critical.

“That’s why Confluent is a leading provider of solutions to address data-driven challenges in AI. This platform allows companies to leverage all of their data to build real-time knowledge bases, provide context at the right time, and manage the flow of data into AI applications as a whole as it moves,” she said.

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