Meta changes Facebook logo, the difference is ‘thin as tissue’: Okezone techno

HALF make changes to the logo Facebook. Interestingly, the difference between the old and new logo is “fabric thin,” meaning not much different.

Yes, at first glance there is nothing different about the two logos. Changes were only made to the background color and size of the letter “f”, which has long been the symbol of Facebook.

“The blue background color was made darker and the lowercase letter “f” was made stronger,” he explained The limitThursday (9/21/2023).

Meta said that updating the Facebook logo is a common thing as time goes by. From the beginning, they have always strived to make the Facebook logo appear bold, electric, and timeless.

For this year’s update, they admitted that this was done so that the Facebook logo remains a key element of the identity of the world’s largest app today.

“We did this by incorporating a more confident expression of Facebook’s primary blue color. The update was made to make it more visually accessible.” said Facebook design director Dave N.

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“Beyond that, we provided a stronger contrast so that the letter “f” stands out,” he added.

Dave N also said that there was a special reason why the update didn’t clash too much with the old logo. According to him, Meta wants the updated logo to look familiar, yet dynamic, fluid and elegant in execution.

“This subtle but significant change allows us to achieve optical balance with the feeling of moving forward,” he concluded.

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