Meta announces generative AI functionality available to all advertisers

TIME.CO, JakartaHalfthe parent company of the messaging app Whatsapp, has announced the launch of an artificial intelligence-based feature (TO THE) on October 5, 2023. The company said: Generative AI The first is the production of advertisements in Ads Manager Meta, with the aim of completing its global rollout next year. The goal is for these features to usher in a new era of creativity that maximizes productivity, personalization and performance for all advertisers.

New features in the form of background generation, image expansion and text variation will add to the experience and AI-powered tools that continue to be developed for business growth.

The Background Generation feature creates multiple backgrounds to complement an advertiser’s product image, allowing advertisers to customize their creative assets for various audiences.

The image expand feature easily adjusts creative assets so they can be matched at various aspect ratios in different media, such as feeds or reels, so advertisers can save time and resources in repurposing creative assets.

Meanwhile, text variation produces different versions of the ad text based on what the advertiser has prepared. This can highlight the strengths of their product or service and provide them with some text options that can reach their audience more effectively.

Meta’s generative AI investments are focused on helping marketers do their best work, enabling them to launch and test creative more quickly and easily reach target audiences.


Today’s AI-powered generative advertising capabilities are just the beginning. Meta plans to give advertisers more ways to create ad copy to highlight product selling points or create background images in minutes with custom themes, such as exterior images for sports brands.

Businesses will soon be able to use AI for business messaging on Messenger and WhatsApp to interact with customers, to help with commerce, engagement and support, as well as unlock instant responses to conversations.

Meta hopes to continue taking a collaborative approach in developing these features and experiences so they can provide added value to businesses and people.

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