Meta and Ray-Ban launch new smart glasses with a contemporary design: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Half never seems to give up on creating smart devices for everyday needs. This time they have launched smart glasses with Ray-Ban again.

For your information, these two companies previously released similar glasses on September 9, 2021. Unfortunately at that time the design was still rigid, so it received a lot of criticism.

Two years passed and Meta and Ray-Ban perfected the design of the next generation Ray-Ban Meta Smart glasses. According to News Room Meta, Thursday (27.9.2023), the smart glasses are sold for 299 US dollars, which is approximately 4.6 million rupees.

“We’ve redesigned it from the ground up, improving all the core features of the first generation and adding new features never before seen in smart glasses,” Meta’s official statement wrote.

The design of the new generation of smart glasses is really in contrast to its predecessor because Ray-Ban smart glasses are available in different colors, which makes it easier for users to tailor their choices.

“We redesigned the next generation of glasses from the ground up. Listening to community input and taking the time to understand what people like about this product,” Meta explained.

It’s not just the design that has really changed. Ray-Ban Meta Smart glasses also enhance their functionality as smart glasses. One significant change is the quality of the audio and photography.

Meta claims that the audio produced by the Ray-Ban Smart Glasses is equivalent to the premium audio produced by Echo Frames and Bose Tempo. So smart glasses from Ray-Ban and Meta can replace headphones.

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Meta has also improved the microphone system so it’s better than before. Smart glasses are now equipped with five microphones. This feature makes the user’s calls and voice commands clearer.

The most interesting feature of smart glasses is the camera. These smart glasses have a small camera lens on each right temple. This new camera is capable of taking 12-megapixel photos and 1080p videos.

Through this camera, users can save around 500 photos and 100 videos of 30 seconds duration.

In addition to taking photos and recording videos with the camera, users can now also start live streaming to Facebook or Instagram with just a few taps on the grip of the glasses. While the user is recording, the white light around the lens flashes to indicate that you are recording.

This big change makes Meta and Ray-Ban very confident that smart glasses will be well received by the market. Orders can be placed now, although official sales will take place on October 17, 2023.

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