Meta admits it’s difficult to delete Instagram threads and accounts separately: Okezone techno

LAUNCH Discussions Last July it received complaints from users. One of these is the option to delete a Threads account without having to delete the account Instagram which are connected to each other.

Reporting from TechCrunchMeta Product Privacy Officer Michel Protti confirmed on Thursday (9/28/2023) that his party is currently working on launching a Threads account deletion feature separate from Instagram. They said this feature should be available in December.

Protti mentioned the technical difficulties encountered by the company in pursuing the presence of the functionality in question. Not to mention the numerous requests to delete Threads accounts when it was just released, this is what pushed Meta to focus on launching at least a feature to deactivate accounts or set them to private.

“Technically, it is very difficult to allow deletion of a separate Threads account without deleting the entire Instagram account,” Protti said.

“We therefore take particular care to ensure that users can still exercise their deletion rights, whether by deactivating accounts to hide all content, setting them to private, or deleting threads individually,” he continued.

It doesn’t end there, Meta, which integrates Threads with fediverse, is also known to evaluate Threads posts that go to other servers and are deleted by their creators to find out what impact it will have later.

On the other hand, since its launch last July, Threads itself has attracted public attention because it is considered a competitor to X. At the beginning of its launch, the platform had managed to reach even 100 million users.

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Unfortunately, not long after, Threads’ popularity actually declined compared to other platforms, including rival platform X. In response to this, Adam Mosseri, as the application manager, said that the company needed to provide better advice for accounts, make it easier to send messages, and create an edit button for posts.

Meanwhile, as of September 2023, Threads reported 23.7 million monthly active users in the United States and is ranked last in terms of user base after Reddit and X. (Then heal Sya’bana)

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