Meet the Mandar Talaud bird identified 27 years ago

TIME.CO, JakartaTalaud Mandar bird it can only be found on Karakelang Island, Talaud Islands Regency, North Sulawesi. This is the northernmost region of Indonesia that directly borders the Philippines.

The Mandar Talaud bird was discovered on September 6, 1996. After careful observation and research, this bird was classified as new in the world of science. In a bird science journal, Forktail, the Mandar Talaud bird was given the scientific name Gymnocrex talaudensis.

Characteristics of the Talaud Mandar bird

The Mandar Talaud bird has a dark brown head, neck and breast. Meanwhile, the chin, stomach and upper and lower covering of the tail are blackish.

This bird has bright red eyes, surrounded by broad hairless pink skin and a silver spot (on the back). The bill is bright yellow with a dull rear third. Their paws are yellow, becoming pinkish towards the feet.


The Talaud Mandar bird can emit a series of at least fifteen repetitions of notes, in the form of a high-pitched “peet-peet-peet” call. In some publications the Mandar Talaud bird is considered an endemic animal, that is, an animal species that is difficult to breed outside its native geographic area.

Referring to the regulation number P.20 of 2018 of the Minister of Environment, the Mandar Talaud bird is classified as a protected animal. They are at risk of extinction due to forest land conversion and illegal hunting by humans.

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