Many Chinese Companies Enter Kaltara Industrial Zone, Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs Supports Mandarin Language Professional Scholarships

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Investments (Kemenko Marves) supports the programme Scholarship vocation mandarin language in North Kalimantan. This is related to the development of the largest green energy industrial area in North Kalimantan, namely Kalimantan Industrial Park Indonesia or KIPI.

The fellowship is expected to develop the human resources that will contribute there.

As many as 80 students participating in the Mandarin Professional Scholarship Program took part in an award ceremony attended online by Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan on Wednesday, August 23, 2023 at the Bulungan Regent’s Office.

β€œIn the future there will be companies here green energy international class. So the ability to adapt and compete to produce competent human resources is really needed in this business investment whose value is very large,” Luhut said in his speech, quoted from his statement on Thursday, August 24, 2023.

This scholarship program provides an intensive Mandarin language course which is expected to increase human resources contributing to economic development in North Kalimantan especially in Bulungan. The large number of Chinese companies entering industrial areas already under construction reminds us of the importance of this scholarship program.

Luhut said that the industrial areas represent the future of Indonesia due to the huge potential, opportunities and investments that would come with them. Therefore, the progress and development of this program needs to be monitored and paid more attention to.

“For this reason, I ask all parties to commit to synergy with each other, prepare and manage it well starting with good infrastructure, learning systems, curriculum and quality teaching staff, so that the results are as expected. I will monitor later the progress of the Mandarin Vocational program,” said Luhut.


Mining and Investments Coordination Deputy Strategic Investments Deputy (ASDEP) Deputy Bimo Wijayanto said this program has received serious attention from the coordinating minister for maritime affairs and fisheries. “Given the importance of preparing human resources from the beginning so that when the industry works, the community can contribute directly to the company because they already have the skills,” he said.

PT KIPI director Budi Santoso hopes that this scholarship program can work successfully. “Our hope is that the younger siblings who will take part in this course will not only serve as language guides, but will also be able to contribute and work as leaders, both in middle and top management,” he said.

The program, planned from 2021 under the direct direction of Luhut, will last one year. All students receive full scholarships and free meals in Tanjung Selor, Bulungan Regency.

The teaching-learning program that takes place at the University of Kaltara includes a theoretical and practical learning system, and later there will also be an online cooperation program with Chinese universities.

Editors’ Choice: Announcement of Outstanding Scholarship Selection Results Postponed to August 30

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