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JAKARTA – Update macOS Sonoma from Apple now available. A new game mode for Apple Silicon devices, interactive desktop widgets, video conferencing improvements and other features are included in the major 2023 software update for Mac.

MacOS Sonoma, also known as macOS 14, does not support older Mac devices. Only newer models can support this update.

To find out what model Mac you have, tap the Apple logo in the menu bar in the top-left corner of the screen, then click “About This Mac.” Below is a list of Mac models compatible with the Sonoma system update.

MacBook Air: 2018 and newer
Macbook Pro: 2018 and newer
Mac Mini: 2018 and newer
iMac: 2019 and newer
iMacPro: 2017 and newer
Mac Pro: 2019 and newer
MacStudio: 2022 and later

If you have an eligible Mac device, you can download and install this update by going to System Settings > General > Software Update.

The most significant changes in macOS Sonoma are largely invisible, and the updates appear to be incremental. However, Apple continues to introduce a number of exciting new features, such as interactive widgets, improvements to video conferencing, Safari profiles, improved game modes, and much more.

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The following is a brief review of the new features available in macOS Sonoma

Interactive widget

In macOS Sonoma, widgets can be placed directly on the desktop and blend seamlessly into the background image when other windows are active.

Widgets also become interactive so users can complete reminders, play or pause media, access home controls, and perform various tasks directly from the widget on the desktop. Users can further customize their Mac by adding widgets from their iPhone using the magic of Continuity.

Improved video conferencing

With advanced video conferencing capabilities, users can present and share their work effectively in any video conferencing application.

Presenter Overlay puts users in front of the content they’re sharing, and Reactions lets users express their feelings with simple hand gestures that activate 3D and frame-filling effects like balloons, confetti, hearts and more.

Safari Profile

Safari profiles separate browsing by work, education, and other categories so users can quickly switch between them. When not in use, the Private Browsing window closes and prevents known trackers from loading. Safari users can now add any website to the Dock just like apps, complete with streamlined toolbars and notifications.

Game Mode

Tens of millions of Macs can run demanding games with incredible performance, longer battery life, and stunning graphics thanks to the power of Apple technology.

Game Mode in macOS Sonoma substantially improves the gaming experience. This mode offers a more consistent frame rate and significantly reduced input and audio delays when using wireless game controllers and AirPods.

There are also other additional features in macOS Sonoma. Such as reminders, Siri, notes, passwords, messages, keyboard and others. Apple has also prepared an update in Sonoma that will bring autofill for PDF, Apple Music, and recovery arrows in messages. (Taja Aurora Bianca)

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