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SUGGESTIONS MacBook battery saving is very important to know for those of you who often work on the go. The MacBook itself is known for its long battery life. Under normal conditions, MacBook batteries can last up to 10-12 hours on a single full charge.

However, generally electronic devices with a battery system. MacBook battery life may decrease over time. There are other factors as well, ranging from application usage to user usage style.

So how do you save your MacBook battery? Here is the review.

Check the battery condition of your MacBook

Apple effectively let the MacBook manage its own power consumption and distribution. This is because the Big Sur operating system (OS11) and above has shown built-in options that will help users keep their battery as efficient as possible.

To activate this feature, users just need to click on the Apple icon in the left corner of the screen, then open “System Preferences”, then select Settings and select Battery.


From there the user will find “Battery Health” and select the information(s). The MacBook will then display information about the maximum charge capacity of the battery. If the battery is unhealthy, the Macbook will also provide information to replace the battery immediately.

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How to save your MacBook battery

1. Avoid charging in hot conditions

Quoted by Slash Gear, Thursday (3/8/2023), charging a MacBook in hotter conditions than 35 degrees has the potential to reduce battery quality. Just like other electronic devices, make sure you don’t charge your MacBook too often until it’s completely empty.

2. Don’t let it run out or be fully filled all the time

As mentioned in the previous point, leaving the battery completely discharged can affect the battery life. Even so if the MacBook is left fully charged at 100% for hours. Ideally, charge the battery between 25% and 90%.

3. Remove the accessories

Case accessories to protect your MacBook can actually speed up hot conditions when charging.

4. Activate sleep mode

In order not to consume battery usage all the time, users can activate the sleep mode immediately. The MacBook itself will immediately go into sleep mode if the user closes the lid.

5. Replace immediately if damaged

MacBook usually provides two descriptions related to the battery status. “Replace soon” means the battery can still be used and lasts for about 5 hours. While the ‘Service’ states that the condition of the battery needs to be replaced, because generally it can only last less than 1 hour.

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