List of the most air polluted cities in Indonesia According to Nafas question, South Tangerang is the reigning champion

TIME.CO, Jakarta – The Nafas application issues a monthly condition report air pollution by city, Friday 8 August 2023, yesterday. This report on the state of air pollution in Indonesia in August 2023 consists of 74 pages with various appropriate discussion topics.

According to Nathan Roestandy, co-founder and CEO of Nafas, August is a special month because there is Indonesian Independence Day which we commemorate and celebrate every year. “Unfortunately we are still not free from air pollution. “It is observed that the level of air pollution is still high and many residents, especially children, are sick with ISPA (upper respiratory tract infection),” he said in the report.

Meanwhile, Piotr Jakubowski, co-founder and CGI of Nafas, said that the issue of air pollution has finally received attention from the government. This can be seen from the various actions that have been implemented to reduce air pollution levels.

These are the 14 most polluted cities in Indonesia according to Nafas for August 2023:

-Tangerang South with PM2.5 of 63 µg/m3 in the unhealthy category

-Bogor – 60 µg/m3

-Tangerang – 56 µg/m3

-Depok – 54 µg/m3 in the unhealthy category for the sensitive group

-Bandung Raya – 54 µg/m3

-Bekasi – 53 µg/m3

-DKI Jakarta – 48 µg/m3

-DI Yogyakarta – 43 µg/m3

-Malang Raya – 42 µg/m3

– Semarang – 41 µg/m3

-Surabaya – 37 µg/m3

– Kep. Thousand – 26 µg/m3 in the moderate category

-Bali – 21 µg/m3

-Belitung – 16 µg/m3

Meanwhile, the WHO guideline is 5 µg/m3

Compare this to the 14 most polluted cities in Indonesia according to Nafas in July 2023

-Tangerang South with PM2.5 of 60 µg/m3 in the unhealthy category

-Bekasi – 55 µg/m3 in the unhealthy category for sensitive groups

-Bogor – 53 µg/m3

-Tangerang – 52 µg/m3

-Depok – 51 µg/m3


-DKI Jakarta – 47 µg/m3

-Bandung Raya – 44 µg/m3

– Semarang – 40 µg/m3

-Surabaya – 38 µg/m3

-DI Yogyakarta – 31 µg/m3 in the moderate category

– Malang Raya – 30 µg/m3

-Postal Code. Thousand – 20 µg/m3

-Bali – 15 µg/m3

-Belitung – 14 µg/m3

It can be seen that South Tangerang still ranks first in air pollution. Additionally, the number of cities in the unhealthy category increased to 3 in August.

PM2.5 are solid air pollution particles that measure less than 2.5 micrometers, or 36 times smaller than the diameter of a grain of sand. According to WHO standards, measurements are in µg/m3 units. Safe categories fall within the range 0 – 12 µg/m3, moderate (12.1 – 35.4 µg/m3), unhealthy for sensitive groups (35.5 – 55.4 µg/m3), unhealthy (55, 5 – 150.4 µg/m3), very unhealthy (150.5 – 250.4 µg/m3) and toxic (>250.4 µg/m3).

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Health protocol on air pollution

The Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) calls on the public to implement 6M and 1S to prevent the impact of air pollution that puts them at risk of developing acute respiratory infections (ARI).

1. Check the air quality via the app or website.

2. Reduce outdoor activities and close ventilation at home/office/school/

public places when air pollution is high.

3. Use an indoor air purifier

4. Avoid sources of pollution and cigarette smoke

5. Use a mask when air pollution is high

6. Implement clean and healthy lifestyle habits Greet

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