List of specializations sought in 2023 UI CPNS teacher

TIME.CO, Jakarta – The University of Indonesia (UI) seeks teaching candidates through the selection of civil servant candidates (CPNS) 2023, including internships at the Faculty of Medicine (FK), Faculty of Dentistry (FKG) and Faculty of Mathematical and Natural Sciences (FMIPA). user interface requires permanent teaching candidates from various departments, including masters, doctorates and graduates with scientific specialization.

Announcement letter number 32816/A.A3/KP.01.01/2023 regarding the selection of national civil service candidates for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology for the fiscal year 2023 outlines the provisions for each formation.

school of Medicine

1. Subspecialty in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care
2. Surgical subspecialty
3. Pediatric Surgery Subspecialty
4. Subspecialty in Vascular and Endovascular Surgery
5. Subspecialty of Surgical Oncology
6. Digestive Surgery Subspecialty
7. Subspecialty in Pediatrics – Imaging
8. Subspecialty of Internal Medicine
9. Subspecialty of Internal Medicine – Gastroenteropathology
10. Internal Medicine Subspecialty – Cardiovascular
11. Subspecialty of Internal Medicine – Rheumatology
12. Subspecialty of Orthopedics and Traumatology – Orthopedic and Reconstructive Oncology
13. Subspecialty in Psychiatric Medicine
14. Doctorate in Medical Sciences
15. Doctorate in Biomedical Sciences
16. Doctorate in Nutrition Sciences


1. Master in Actuarial Sciences
2. Master in Actuarial Sciences
3. Master in Computational Sciences
4. Masters in Mathematics
5. Master in Computer Science
6. Doctorate in Applied Biology
7. S-3 Fisheries Sciences
8. S-3 Marine Sciences
9. PhD in Fisheries Sciences
10. Doctorate in Biotechnology
11. Doctorate in Marine Sciences
12. PhD in Oceanography
13. Doctorate in Engineering Physics
14. PhD in Physics
15. S-3 Materials Engineering
16. Material S-3 Sains
17. S-3 Materials and metallurgical engineering
18. S-3 Materials Engineering
19. S-3 Materials and metallurgical engineering
20. S-3 Materials Science
21. Geography S-3
22. Doctorate in Geophysics
23. Doctorate in Geology
24. S-3 Biochemistry
25. S-3 Chemistry
26. Doctorate in Economics
27. Doctorate in Mathematics
28. S-3 Statistics
29. Doctorate in Computer Science


1. Specialist in pediatric dentistry
2. Dental conservation specialist
3. Specialist in oral diseases
4. Specialist in orthodontics
5. Specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
6. Specialist in Periodontology
7. Doctorate in Dentistry
8. Master’s Degree Course in Dentistry

faculty of Economics and Commerce

1. Doctorate in Accounting
2. Doctorate in Public Policies
3. Doctorate in Economics
4. Management S-3
5. S-3 Human Resource Management
6. Doctorate in Management Sciences
7. Technology Management S-3

Faculty of Pharmacy

1. Master’s Degree in Pharmacy
2. Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences
3. Masters in Biology
4. Pharmacy S-3
5. Doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences

faculty of law

1. Master of Law
2. Doctorate in Law

Faculty of Administrative Sciences

1. S-3 Business Administration
2. Doctorate in Public Administration
3. S-3 Tax Administration

nursing faculty


1. Specialist in pediatric nursing
2. Doctorate in Nursing

Faculty of Computer Science

1. Doctorate in Computer Science
2. Information systems S-3

Faculty of Cultural Sciences

1. Literature S-3
2. PhD in Linguistics
3. Master in Literature
4. Master in Linguistics
5. Masters in Japanese Studies
6. History of S-2
7. Master of Philosophy
8. S-3 Archaeology
9. Master in Communication Sciences
10. Master in Library and Information Science
11. Doctorate in Library and Information Science
12. History of the S-3

faculty of Social Sciences and Political Sciences

1. Anthropology S-3
2. Doctorate in International Relations
3. PhD in Political Science
4. Doctorate in Development Studies
5. PhD in Political Science
6. Master of Public Policy
7. Master of Social Security
8. Master in Applied Psychology
9. Doctorate in Digital Economy
10. Doctorate in Communication Sciences
11. Doctorate in Communication Sciences
12. S-3 Culture and Media Studies
13. S-3 Cultural Studies
14. Management S-3
15. Doctorate in Management Sciences
16. S-3 Development Communication
17. Master in International Relations
18. Masters in Political Science
19. Master in Political Science
20. Doctorate in Public Policy
21. Doctorate in Development Studies
22. Doctorate in Government Sciences
23. S-2 Gender Studies
24. Criminologist S-2
25. S-2 Anthropology
26. Masters in Sociology
27.S-3 Public health
28. Doctorate in Sociology

Psychology Faculty

1. Doctorate in Psychology

College of Engineering

1. S-3 Regional and urban planning
2. Doctorate in Architecture
3. Electrical Technician S-3
4. S-3 Computer Engineering
5. S-3 Industrial Engineering
6. S-3 Chemical Engineering
7. S-3 Mechanical Engineering
8. S-3 Materials and Metallurgical Engineering
9. S-3 Environmental Engineering
10. Doctorate in Civil Engineering

The registration period is from September 20 to October 6, 2023. Registration can only be done via

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