List of Samsung mobiles that will receive One UI 6.0 Beta update: Okezone techno

ANDROID they are expected to release their latest operating system, Android 14, this August. Along with the release of Android 14, the operating systems of other mobiles will also be present.

Indeed, Android adopts an open source operating system, so that this operating system can also be adapted to mobile brands. Well, one that customizes this system is Samsung.

As reported by GSM Arena, the Korean company will release One UI 6.0 beta based on Android 14 on August 2nd for the Galaxy S23 family. Then, on August 9, exactly one week later, the Galaxy A34 5G and Galaxy A54 5G will also receive it.

This is also good news for users of Samsung’s best-selling mid-range phones in this release, and not just the high-end models. Of course, the high-end model is still the first. But just a week later, your mid-range phones will get the beta.

A UI 6.0 beta was originally rumored to launch in the third week of July, but now it appears to have been delayed by about a week. Before One UI 6.0 is mature enough to be released to all supported devices, Samsung has yet to deliver One UI 5.1.1.

The beta version of this build was released for the Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Tab S8 family earlier this month, and now the Galaxy Z Fold5, Z Flip5 and Tab S9 series are official and running iterations of these skins, assuming updates to older Samsung devices.

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Just for your information before they release their latest Android 14 system to the public, they also keep releasing a beta version as a trial version. In the fourth beta of Android 14, this build adds some polishes and fixes bugs, and is the second “Platform Stable” release of Android 14, which means that all developer APIs and all behaviors in apps are final and will never change again outgoing, final and out to the public.

Google did not directly say when the next final version will be. So that if any major issues with Beta 4 are found, it can fix them quickly and release Beta 4.1 or any other similar release.

Earlier, former XDA-Developers EIC Mishaal Rahman revealed that Google had added some new BatteryManager Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to Android 14 beta.

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