Level Up powered by Agate provides effective strategies to improve business performance through the adoption of gamification: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Agate International (Agate) through its sub-brand, Level Up powered by Agate, provides effective strategies to improve business performance through the adoption of gamification. Agate announced that the gamification trend can be used by companies to improve business performance.

Agate co-founder and CEO Shieny Aprilia said the decision to embrace gamification is not just a choice, but a necessity. Gamification is not just entertainment, but it is the key to optimizing market interactions.

“In an increasingly connected business world, the decision to adopt gamification is no longer a choice, but a necessity. Gamification is more than just entertainment – ​​it is the key to optimizing market engagement, strengthening brands and increasing productivity in the workplace.” She said this during the launch of the event in Jakarta on Thursday (20/19/2023).

“We also encourage business leaders to rethink their business strategies by adapting to developing trends.” Please explain further.

There are several gamification trends set to grow in 2024, such as the growth of in-app gamification. Game elements in non-game applications encourage the user’s brain to release dopamine. As a result, users want to interact with gamified applications longer to get more results and feel satisfied.


Applying artificial intelligence to personalize gamification experiences. Artificial intelligence in gamification personalizes experiences by analyzing user data, adapting gameplay in real time, providing intelligent feedback, generating personalized content, offering in-depth data analysis and automating management processes, thus improving engagement and learning outcomes

Its use can come in the form of avatar-based gamification chatbots for marketing and corporate learning platforms based on data gamification.

“Level Up powered by Agate has developed a complete solution from “turnkey” and “custom gamification” to help companies easily adopt gamification.” Said Junialdi Dwijaputra as Head of Level Up enhanced by Agate.

“With our experience working with companies across various industry sectors, we have created an approach and framework so that the gamification that will be implemented is aligned with business needs,” he continued.

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DEUS CEO Gregory Kurnia also said that as Agate customers who have already adopted gamification for their business, they could see a significant increase in customer engagement. Gamification is not just a trend, but a solution that has a truly positive impact.

“As an Agate customer who has adopted gamification for my business, we have seen significant improvements in customer engagement, employee productivity and overall business results. Gamification isn’t just a trend; it’s a solution that has a truly positive impact.” He said.

Agate also introduced the Level Up Gamification Framework, an innovative model that integrates academic theory and practical implementation. This framework is intended to support companies in maximizing the potential of gamification in brand development and growth of HR strategy.

The Level Up Gamification Framework is the result of observing gaps in existing gamification frameworks. Most existing frameworks lack the technical requirements to support business needs.

Rather, this framework is designed to fill the gaps thus providing a comprehensive and comprehensive solution that can meet diverse business needs.

Agate said the growth of gamification in applications, the use of artificial intelligence to personalize gamification experiences, virtual events and gamification in employee growth are gamification trends that will continue to grow in 2024. Average employee engagement companies that apply gamification increased by 30%. %. (Salsabilah Nur Azizah)

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