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JAKARTA – Hello fellow gamers! Let’s improve the gift box so that more items can be stored in the Lola Bakery game!

Lola Bakery is a match-3 game adapted from one of the characters from MNC Animation’s animated series, “Kiko”, which airs every Sunday on RCTI at 08:00 WIB under the title Kiko.

Lola Bakery is a game produced by PT Esports Star Indonesia (ESI) under the auspices of MNC Digital Entertainment.

You know? You have the opportunity to upgrade the Gift Box feature in the Lola Bakery game to contain more supplies. So you can save more daily rewards that you receive and you can also save them.

The method is really simple, click Upgrade Gift Box at Home Lola Bakery, then pay the number of coins needed to upgrade the gift box you have.

The more upgrade you need, the more coins you will have to spend.

In addition to this, you will also receive a prize in a Gift Box by choosing the existing Premium Box or Normal Box.

For the Normal Box you can get Power Ups and other free items, for the Premium Box you can get more Power Ups than the Normal Box and other special items by paying 50 diamonds.

Download the Lola Bakery game application on Play Store and App Store or click on the following link . For those of you who already have the Lola Bakery game, you can instantly update the Lola Bakery game on your gadget.

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