Launching the latest car, ITS Spektronics team is ready to win the champion in America and Malaysia

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Spektronics Team Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (HIS) launched two new prototype cars, Spektronics 23 and Spektronics 25, in the courtyard of the ITS Rectorate Building on Friday, October 27, 2023. This launch signifies the ITS Spektronics team’s readiness to compete in two international events, namely the Malaysia Chem-E-Car Competition and AIChE Chem-E-Car Competition which will take place from 4 to 5 November.

One of the Spektronics team members who will compete in the 2023 Malaysian Chem-E-Car, Bima Rizky Sofyan, explained that in this race in Malaysia his team will use the Spektronics 25 car. This car uses an energy source derived from the reaction of decomposition of hydrogen peroxide with an iron(III) chloride catalyst. “The result of this reaction will produce a pressure that will be used to move the car,” he explained, quoted by the ITS website on Sunday 29 October 2023.

The use of hydrogen peroxide with an iron (III) chloride catalyst makes this innovative car from the ITS Spektronics team a very environmentally friendly car. One reason is that the waste resulting from the reaction that occurs is oxygen gas which is not harmful to the environment. Besides that, the same iron(III) chloride catalyst can be used repeatedly.

On the other hand, this car is also made of 316 stainless steel, a material often used to make reactors. This material allows the car not to suffer corrosion and to last longer. So, to maximize the capabilities of this car, Spektronics 25 uses corrosion-resistant aluminum extrusions as the base material for the car’s chassis and body.

Not only is it resistant to corrosion, the choice of this material means that the Spektronics 25 car also has a stronger body. This is very useful for the ITS Spektronics team. Because in this Malaysia Chem-E-Car competition, the cars will also be challenged to be able to kick the ball towards the goal and hit the specified target. “For this we need good momentum transfer which can be achieved by high velocity and mass,” Bima explained.

Meanwhile, the Spektronics 23, which will compete in the 2023 AIChE Chem-E-Car competition in the United States, is also equipped with no less powerful technologies. Overall, this car uses the same power source as the Spektronics 25. However, the addition of electrical components to this car gives it better precision and efficiency.


ITS Spektronics team leader for the AIChE Chem-E-Car 2023 competition, Bimo Bintang Aulia, explained that the electrical component used in the Spektronics 23 is a solenoid valve. This solenoid valve is also paired with a magnetic sensor that will help open the fuel flow cap and reduce the amount of chemicals used in this car.

Bimo explained that at the 2023 AIChE Chem-E-Car competition, the accuracy of Spektronics 23 will be tested to reach a certain point. The team that stops closest to the target point will get a higher score. Besides that, there are also other evaluations in the form of safety inspections, posters, presentations and even creative profile videos on the competing cars.

Regarding the team’s goal, Bimo revealed that the ITS Spektronics team is aiming for the highest possible achievement, i.e. 1st place. Not only that, another goal that the ITS Spektronics team wants to achieve is to increase relationships with people from various parts of the world. “Because, of course, there are a lot of great people there with whom you can discuss, share opinions and share knowledge,” she said.

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