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JAKARTA – Service TikTok Store officially stopped operating in Indonesia on Wednesday (10/04/2023) yesterday afternoon. The Ministry of Communications and Information (Kominfo) also said that there will be no punishment for TikTok.

As is known, pursuant to article 67 of regulation no. 31 of 2023 of the Minister of Commerce, TikTok Shop must close its operations and services in Indonesia starting from the issuance of the regulation on September 26.

“Our main priority is to respect and comply with applicable regulations and laws in Indonesia,” TikTok wrote in its official statement on the TikTok Newsroom page.

“Therefore, we will no longer facilitate e-commerce transactions within TikTok Shop Indonesia, effective October 4 at 5pm WIB,” Tiktok continued.

Bytedance social media has removed the shopping feature in their application as of last afternoon. The “Purchases” column has been replaced with “Friends” which means you can see who you’ve befriended.

In response to this, Kominfo said that TikTok will not face any punishment or fine after the closure of the TikTok Shop in Indonesia. The ministry led by Budi Arie Setiadi said TikTok no longer facilitates transactions in the TikTok Shop.

“In this case, sanctions against TikTok are unnecessary considering that TikTok is already subject to Electronic Trading System (PMSE) regulations. We will continue to evaluate and coordinate with relevant industry ministries to ensure PSE’s compliance with existing regulations. ” we read in the Kominfo press release.

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On the other hand, based on the latest information from TikTok Shop Indonesia, sellers (sellers) are required to process every order that has not been completed and ensure that the order is handed over to the logistics partner for delivery process by November 5 2023.

Meanwhile, according to the pre-order fulfillment procedure, sellers must ensure that all pre-order orders have been delivered to TikTok Shop’s logistics partner for delivery within 2 days of the pre-order delivery date.

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