KJP Plus Phase 1 disburses August 2023, here is the amount and rules for using the funds

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Jakarta Smart Plus Card Fund or KJP Other phase 1 in 2023 was delivered on Wednesday 9 August 2023. 674,599 students became beneficiaries, starting from Elementary School (SD) or Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (MI), Junior High School (SMP) or Madrasah Tsanawiyah (MTs ), Middle School Senior High School (SMA) or Madrasah Aliyah (MA), Vocational High School (SMK), to the Center for Community Learning Activities (PKBM).

KJP Plus itself is a strategic program to provide access to Jakarta residents who cannot afford to get an education until they graduate from high school/vocational school. The students will be fully funded by the Provincial Income and Expenditure Budget of DKI Jakarta (APBD).

The funds that they will receive monthly from the students are divided into ordinary fees, periodic fees and additional education development contributions (SPP) for private schools. Funds can only be used to purchase school supplies. So how much does the KJP Plus fund cost?

KJP Plus Phase 1 2023 funds amount

As uploaded by DKI Jakarta Provincial Education Bureau Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) Center for Education Personal and Operational Funding Services (P4OP) Instagram account on Wednesday, August 9, 2023, Funds amount KJP Plus Phase 1 of 2023 is differentiated according to the level of education. The breakdown of funds for each month is detailed below.


– Number of recipients: 313,154 students.

– Ordinary fee: IDR 135,000.

– Periodic fee: IDR 115,000.

– Additional SPP for individuals: IDR 130,000.


– Number of recipients: 186,697 students.

– Ordinary fee: IDR 185,000.

– Periodic fee: IDR 115,000.

– Additional SPP for the private sector: IDR 170,000.


– Number of recipients: 65,073 students.

– Ordinary fee: IDR 235,000.

– Periodic fee: IDR 185,000.

– Additional SPP for private individuals: Rp290,000.

4. SMKs

– Number of recipients: 107,775 students.


– Ordinary fee: IDR 235,000.

– Periodic fee: IDR 215,000.

– Additional SPP for individuals: Rp240,000.


– Number of recipients: 1,900 students.

– Ordinary fee: IDR 185,000.

– Periodic fee: IDR 115,000.

Please note that the maximum usage of regular cash rates is IDR 100,000 per month. Meanwhile, the remaining routine fees and periodic fees can be used non-cash every month to meet student needs.

Rules for using KJP Plus funds

Below are the provisions for using KJP Plus funds for students.

– Purchases are made without cash.

– Non-cash transactions by tapping KJP Plus ATM card on Bank DKI EDC machine or using JakOneMobile Digital Payment.

– Shop at KJP Plus official commercial stores or 2,406 outlets that have entered into a cooperation agreement (PKS) with Bank DKI.

– Goods purchased from each merchant will be registered and reported to Bank DKI.

– A list of official KJP Plus merchants can be accessed at

Items that can be purchased using KJP Plus funds

Reporting from, items that recipients of KJP Plus funds can purchase include exercise books, textbooks, picture books, stationery, drawing tools, practice tools and materials, school uniforms and equipment, shoes and socks. backpacks, school sportswear, support textbooks, nutritious snacks, hearing aids, glasses (visual aids), scientific calculators, computers/laptops, scout uniforms and accessories, and USB flash drives.

Meanwhile, the list of store types included in the rules for using KJP Plus funds includes medical device stores, drugstores/drugstores, optical stores, fashion stores/shoe stores, department stores, supermarkets/ grocery stores, bookstores, stationery stores. offices (ATK), sporting goods stores and computer stores.

Not only that, KJP Plus funds can also be used to pay for extracurricular activities that are not funded by the Education Operational Assistance (BOP) or School Operational Assistance (BOS).


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