Khofifah Indar Parawansa is proud of the most accepted East Java students by SNBP and SNBT

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Governor of East Java Khofifah Indar Parawansa said that the area he led was once again the province with the highest number of students admitted to the National Results-Based Selection (SNBP) and National Test-Based Selection (SNBT) in 2023.

“Alhamdulillah, in 2023 East Java will again become the largest number of students accepted in state universities (PTN), both on the path without tests or SNBP and those with tests or SNBT,” he said in Surabaya, on Tuesday, August 15, 2023.

It said that in the SNBP track of 2023, a total of 23,477 East Java High School/Vocational High School graduates were successfully accepted by PTN. This number ranks first nationwide.

Regarding the SNBT pathway, a total of 35,862 East Java students have been successfully accepted into PTN. This number also ranks first nationwide.

“This achievement has maintained East Java’s achievements for four consecutive years for most students accepted by PTN without testing since 2020. Likewise for pathways where with testing we have also managed to maintain achievements since 2021,” he has declared.

According to him, this achievement cannot be separated from the role of teachers and school principals who provide intensive assistance to students at most by doing many mock exams or various practice questions.

This step is considered by Khofifah to be the most effective for preparing students to face the questions under examination and for measuring the level of difficulty of the questions.

“These two PTN selection paths are not easy. There are hundreds of thousands of competitors and they are very tight. In addition, this year’s new SNBT application model rules definitely force teachers and school principals to think seriously about strategy in so that their students are accepted at the intended PTN,” he said.

“The same goes for selection (SNBP) through academic grades. Naturally, Khofifah conveyed that this was an honor for us as East Java again became the province with the highest number of students accepted by PTN respectively through the routes SNBP and SNBT,” he said.

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Open career and academic consultations


He claims that the success of students entering PTN both without testing and through testing is due to the careful preparation of the teachers and the seriousness of the students.

One of the efforts made is the opening of professional and academic consultations through the optimal role of Counseling Guidance (BK) teachers. Next, look for in-depth information on scholarships at various universities both at home and abroad.

According to him, socialization must be done as early as possible so that students prepare carefully for their academic achievements.

“It is also possible that if the preparations have been very thorough, our students will not only be accepted by domestic PTNs, but they may also be accepted by foreign PTNs,” he said.

In this year’s SNBP track, East Java is also the area where the majority of students have been accepted by state universities using KIP Lectures. As many as 5,624 East Java students were registered as accepted. While in second place, occupied by Aceh with 3,956 students. There is a big difference in this number, namely 1,668 students (42.16%).

In 2022, East Java also ranked No. 1 nationally with the highest acceptance of KIP classes in the SNBP track, i.e. 4,391 attendees.

“This result is certainly evidence that our students have competence which deserves to compete with other regions,” said Khofifah Indar Parawansa.

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