Just for the sake of buying an iPhone, this couple is determined to sell their son: Okezone techno

SMARTPHONES Apple’s latest, the iPhone 15, is expected to launch in September. Apple’s latest product is also expected to be more expensive than its predecessor.

In fact, iPhone is known as a premium smartphone brand. Therefore the price is really more expensive than other smartphone products.

No wonder that those who want to buy an iPhone usually sell their previous smartphone, perhaps other things as well. However, an unforeseen incident occurred in India. Police in West Bengal, India, said a husband and wife sold their baby to buy an iPhone.

According to an unnamed senior police official, the couple wanted to use the money raised from the sale of their eight-month-old son to travel and create content for Instagram.

As reported by SCMP, the Acting Commissioner of Barrackpore Police has received reports from suspicious locals after the couple bought a new mobile phone. The couple has also been identified as Jaydev Ghosh and Sathi.

Police said they sold the baby to Priyanka Ghosh, who lives in the same area. Now, police have arrested the buyer and the mother who sold the baby.

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“After questioning, the mother confessed to the crime and told her that she and her husband wanted to use the money to travel across the state so they could create Instagram Reels content,” the official said.

Police also accuse the child’s father of trying to sell the couple’s other son, who is seven years old. Fortunately, that plan didn’t materialize.

However, police say the child’s father is now on the run. The Barrackpore Police Commissioner declined to comment further on the case.

The World Bank notes that West Bengal has high pockets of poverty, which may be the reason for the suspicion. According to the 2022 PRS Legislative Research Report, the per capita GDP of the region is about US$1,600, slightly higher than the price of the new iPhone 14 in the country at the time.

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