Jumping from the 4th floor, a UMY student takes 20 headache medications at a time

TEMPO.CO, Yogyakarta – A student of Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta or UMI with the initials SM, 18 years old, died after falling from the fourth floor of the dormitory of the UMY (Unires) Women’s University Residence, Pedukuhan Ngebel, Tamantirto, Kasihan, Bantul Monday October 2nd around 6.15am WIB.

Prior to the incident, on Sunday evening, October 1, 2023, the victim allegedly took 20 headache medications at one time. This suspicion was strengthened by the discovery of packages of headache medicine in the victim’s room. This was stated by the head of the public relations section of the Bantul police, Inspector One I Nengah Jeffry, after examining the statements of some witnesses.

From the results of the examination of witnesses by the police, including the victim’s roommate, the suspicion of suicide arising from this incident was strengthened. “The victim is currently suspected to be suffering from depression,” Jeffry said Monday, Oct. 12, 2023.

According to the victim’s friend, before taking the medicine for the headache, the victim was screaming alone in the room and crying hysterically. At that point, her colleagues took the victim to the hospital to receive medical attention.

As a result, dozens of headache medications that the victim had taken at one time were successfully vomited up. The doctor who examined the victim recommended SM to further consult a psychiatrist. And after returning to the dormitory in the morning, the victim who was sleeping in one of the rooms on the fourth floor was found to have fallen to the floor.

“Before the accident the victim had time to send voice note (voice recording application on WhatsApp application) to his colleague, there the victim expressed his desire to end his life,” Jeffry said.

The campus had also previously investigated the victim’s health condition. Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Alumni and Al-Islam Kemuhammadiyahan Yogyakarta Muhammadiyah University o UMI Faris Al-Fadhat said the student who died after jumping from the fourth floor was known to have mental health problems.

Faris said the campus through the UMY Student and Alumni Development Institute (LPKA) had investigated SM’s health condition before she became an UMY student. From the results of the investigation, the victim at that time was advised to regularly attend psychological counseling because she had a tendency to have mental disorders.

“The team of psychologists at LPKA UMY, assisted by assigned peer counselors, also provided assistance and referred the deceased for further consultation (to the hospital psychiatrist),” Faris said.


Meanwhile, SM is a new student who comes from Jagabaya II Village, Way Halim District, Bandar Lampung Regency. He is still enrolled in the first semester of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (Fisipol).

UMY said it facilitates the entire management process and hospital costs, as well as provides compensation in the event of death, including facilitating the return of the body until it reaches his hometown in Bandar Lampung.

Editor’s Note:

Don’t underestimate depression. For assistance with psychiatric crises or suicide prevention:

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Online consultations can be done via and, if necessary, you can schedule a follow-up consultation with a psychologist at Puskesmas.

In addition to the DKI Health Office, you can also contact the following institutions for advice:
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Ministry of Health mental health hotline: (021) 500454
NGO Don’t commit suicide: (021) 9696 9293

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