Jokowi says he is considering continuing the PPDB zoning system

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Implementation of the acceptance of new students or PPDB extension 2023 zoning system then it became in the spotlight with the many inputs and criticisms in its implementation. This is because there are still allegations of data fraud and manipulation that can lead to crime.

President Joko Widodo o Jokowi he said the government was considering continuing or removing the zoning scheme in PPDB. β€œ(It is) taken into consideration. We will check the pros and cons in depth first,” he said on Thursday, Aug. 10, 2023.

The previous day, MPR Deputy Chairman Ahmad Muzani said that President Jokowi was considering abolishing the PPDB zoning system. According to him, the policy of the PPDB zoning system has deviated from its original purpose. This is because instead of aiming for the equal distribution of high schools, it has caused problems in almost all provinces of Indonesia. He also called for this system to be evaluated.

Even so, Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture Muhadjir Effendy earlier said that the zoning system was better than the old system which had created many problems such as counterfeiting values ​​for buying and selling places. According to him, the zoning system is in the spirit of improvement, especially to eliminate the phenomenon of “browning” of public schools and to standardize the quality of education in the various regions.


As for the PPDB zoning fraud, Muhadjir said it was not due to a system error. “If it’s cheating to get a family card (KK) it’s not the system’s fault, but supervision doesn’t work,” the former education and culture minister said last July.

With so much criticism of the system, Muhadjir said it doesn’t matter if the zoning system needs to be evaluated or even replaced. “If you want to go back to the old system, please. In my opinion, improve the existing system, please change it if it is not suitable and it should be like this, there must always be evaluation and improvement,” he said.

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