Jambi University will add 19 professors, the inauguration will be divided into 3 sessions

TIME.CO, JakartaJambi University or abbreviated to Unja will confirm 19 Professor new. The inauguration will be divided into three sessions, namely 25, 26 and 30 October 2023. The open meeting of the Senate will take place in Balairung Pinang Masak Unja Mendalo.

All professors come from five faculties. A total of three people from the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), one from the Faculty of Law (FH) and five professors each from the Faculty of Pedagogical Training (FKIP), Faculty of Agriculture (Faperta) and Faculty of Animal Husbandry Sciences (Fapet) .

The following 7 school leaders will follow the first session on Wednesday 25 October 2023:

1.Prof. Dr. Sri Rahayu, SE, MS, Ak, CA (FEBRUARY)
2. The prof. Doctors. Suratno M.Pd (FKIP)
3. The prof. Dr. Syahrial. Med.Ed., Ph.D. (FKIP)
4. The prof. Dr. I. Budiyati Ichwan, MS (Faperta)
5. The prof. Dr. Dra. Wilda Syahri, MPd (FKIP)
6. The prof. Dr. I. Agus Budiyansyah, MS (Fapet)
7. The prof. Dr AS I. Syafwan, M.Sc (Fapet)

The following 6 professors will participate in the second inauguration session on Thursday 26 October 2023:

1.Prof. I. Darlis. M.Sc., Ph.D (Fapet)
2. Prof. Dr. Dr. Ilham, M.Kes (FKIP)
3. The prof. Dr. I. Ira Wahyuni, MP (Faperta)
4. Prof. Dr. Hafrida, SH.MH (FH)
5. The prof. Dr. I. Elis Kartika, M.Si (Faperta)
6. The prof. Dr. I. Hardi Syafria, MS (Fapet)

The following 6 teachers will participate in the inauguration of the third session, Monday 30 October 2023:


1.Prof. Dr. I. Aswandi, M.Si (Faperta)
2. The prof. Dr. I. Edison, M.Sc (Faperta)
3. The prof. Dr. A.S. Afrizal, SE., M.Si., AK, CA (FEBRUARY)
4. The prof. Dr. AS Yulmardi, SE, MS (FEBRUARY)
5. The prof. Dr. I. Afzalani, MP (Fapet)
6. The prof. Dr. Supian, S.Ag., M.Ag (FKIP).

A glimpse of Unja

When it was first inaugurated on April 1, 1963 with the name Telanaipura State University, this campus had four faculties including the Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty of Animal Husbandry. The name change to Jambi State University was carried out simultaneously with the ratification of the establishment of Unja through the Presidential Decree of the Republic of Indonesia number 148 of 1966 dated 24 June 1966.

Unja is now headed by Chancellor Sutrisno since January 2020. Unja campus is spread across 9 locations namely Unja Mendalo, Unja Pasar, Unja Telanaipura, Unja Muara Bulian, Unja Sarolangun, Unja Muara Sabak, Unja Buluran, Unja Pondok Meja and Unja Kuala Tungkal.

Unja is currently accredited B by the National Accreditation Body – Higher Education. For the accreditation of study programs in eight faculties, there are 17 A-accredited study courses, 64 B-accredited study courses and 5 C-accredited study courses.

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