ITS Chemical Reaction Driven Car team wins Chem-E-Car competition in India

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Students of Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology or HIS has again carved breakthroughs in the automotive industry. With their prototype car, four Spektronics student team members managed to win the Chem-E-Car Synergicon Southern Asia Region competition organized by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) offline in India for two days until Sunday, August 20 2023 Then.

The team consisted of Bimo Bintang Aulia, Bernardus Krisna Brata, Dheas Pinda Prayoga, Achmad Fadjar Maulana Firdaus and Wiji Dharma Aditya. They won first place in the Race Competition category and third place in the Poster Competition at this annual international competition.

ITS Spektronics team leader Bimo said the competition his team entered was a prototype car competition driven by chemical reactions. In addition to this, there is also a poster contest in this contest as a place to present the safety and feasibility of automobiles.

“The poster explains the innovations made to our Spektronics 23 car,” he explained, quoted by the ITS website, on Tuesday, August 22, 2023.

The car made by Bimo and the team uses a chemical reaction in the form of the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide with a ferric chloride catalyst. The results of this chemical reaction will produce the oxygen gas pressure that works to drive the car.

“As long as the oxygen pressure in the reactor is still there, the car will keep running,” explained the 2020 chemical engineering student.

In addition to oxygen pressure to propel the car, Rendra Panca Anugraha’s driving team also provides new innovations in the driving mechanism. For this competition, the mechanism created for Spektronics 23 uses electrical material in the form of a microcontroller called the Arduino Nano that works to control the movement of this prototype car.

Student members of this engineering division added that the innovation combining oxygen pressure resources with a microcontroller can produce energy efficient, but is optimal for long-distance use.

“This is because the microcontroller will alternately turn on and off to produce optimal energy to drive the car,” he explained.

During the competition, this prototype car had to travel a straight track for 21 meters. It was at this time that an assessment was made regarding the accuracy of the car’s driving chemicals in order to be able to stop the car as close to the line as possible end.

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The fastest ITS student car

The bespectacled young man explained that to walk 21 meters the participants had two options. In the first experiment the car built by the ITS students managed to cover a distance of 20.45 meters and in the second experiment 20.8 meters.

“The distance we achieved was the furthest compared to the other participants with an error of only 20 centimeters on the second attempt,” he said.

With satisfactory results on both occasions and as the only Indonesian delegation, the ITS Spektronics team also won first place in the Race Competition, as well as third place in the Poster Competition.

This success has led them to advance to the next level of competition on a global scale, competing against the champions of each region this November in Orlando, USA.

Bimo also said that this win hasn’t escaped all the help and prayers from the various parties involved. All the difficulties faced during the four months of preparation can produce positive results in the form of victory.

“We hope Spektronics ITS can continue to make him proud in the future alma mater the pride of the Indonesian people for the upcoming international competitions,” said Bimo hopefully.

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