ITB needs 25 employees for continuing education, registration until October 20, 2023

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Bandung Institute of Technology or ITB it needs permanent teaching staff. Registrations will still be open until October 20, 2023. Overall, 25 training courses are required, with details of 11 technicians, 10 laboratory assistants and 4 analysts.

Department training and qualification

1. Technical – Geology S1
2. Technical: minimum D3 Electronics, mechanical engineering or electronics training
3. Technical – minimum D3 Electrical Engineering or Electrical Engineering
4. Technical – minimum D3 Production
5. Technical – minimum D3 Materials, Metallurgy
6. Technical – minimum D3 Engineering or Instrumentation or IT
7. Technical – Degree in Electrical Engineering
8. Technical – minimum D3 Biomedical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Electrical Engineering or in a relevant field
9. Technical – minimum D3 Computer Engineering or relevant
10. Technical – minimum S1 Physics, Chemistry, Engineering Physics, Chemical Engineering, Food Engineering, Materials Engineering
11. Technical – minimum D3 Analyst, Scientific Laboratory, Chemical Analyst
12. Laboratory assistant – minimum D3 Visual communication design
13. Laboran – minimum D3
14. Laboran – D3 minimum Analysis
Chemist, Health Analyst or equivalent
15. Laboran – D3 minimum Analysis
16. Laboratory assistant – minimum D3 Science
Computer, computer engineering, computer science, building design engineering or
17. Laboratory Assistant – S1 Computer Engineering
18. Laboratory assistant – minimum D3 Pharmacy (men only)
19. Laboratory Assistant – Chemical Analyst minimum D3 (men only)
20. Laboratory Assistant – minimum D3 Chemical Engineering; Chemical Analyst, Chemical Engineering or Biology qualifications
21. Laboratory assistant – minimum D3 Biology; qualifications as Chemical Analyst, Chemical Engineering, Biology
22. Analyst – minimum D3 Biology or relevant
23. Analyst – Chemistry S1
24. Analyst – Bachelor’s degree in Physics, Chemistry, Biology
25. Analyst – Chemical Analyst minimum D3

Candidate criteria

Who can register as a candidate for permanent ITB teaching staff? Applicants must meet 15-point predetermined requirements.

1. Indonesian citizen
2. Maximum age 35 years 0 months 0 days at the time of application
3. Behave
4. Physically and spiritually healthy
5. Not addicted to narcotics, alcohol, psychotropics and other addictive substances or medications
6. Have never been sentenced to prison based on a court decision that has permanent legal force and/or are not currently subject to legal proceedings
7. Do not currently serve a service bond or obligation to work at a government or private institution
8. Never been dishonorably dismissed as a State Civil Service (ASN) or private employee
9. Not domiciled as ASN or ASN candidate or member of the police or member of the Indonesian National Army
10. Not be a member and/or administrator of a political party
11. Not involved in practical politics
12. Do not be a sympathizer, member or administrator of an organization banned in Indonesia
13. Come from a tertiary institution and a program of study accredited at least “Very Good”
14. Have academic achievement with a minimum grade point average of 3.00 for graduates of state campuses and a minimum of 3.25 for graduates of private campuses
15. Work experience in a sector relevant to the candidate position is a preferential qualification.

Requirements documents

Once the applicant criteria is met, it is time to prepare all the required documents which include:

1. Application letter containing the required training code
2. Curriculum Vitae
3. Two professional reference letters
4. Scan the original academic transcript
5. Scan of the original diploma
6. Scan university accreditation
7. Scanning of the accreditation of the course of study
8. Scan your ID card
9. Recent color photograph with white background (4×6 format)
10. Health certificate from a public health facility
11. Drug freedom certificate issued by a public health facility
12. Certificate of good conduct from the Local Police
13. Letter of declaration signed above the seal


Complete application files are sent via

Selection history

Deadline for submitting applications: 20 October 2023 at 11.59pm WIB
Announcement of administrative selection results: October 26, 2023
Basic Skills and Field Skills Test: October 30-31, 2024 and November 1, 2023
Basic Skills and Field Skills Test Results Announcement: November 17, 2023
Interview: 21 or 22 November 2023
Announcement of interview results: November 29, 2023
Tes Health: December 4, 2023
Announcement of selection results: December 20, 2023.

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