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JAKARTA – The name Ucok is already familiar to Indonesian gamers, especially gamers who like to play GTA San Andreas. So, do you know why CJ GTA San Andreas is often called Ucok?

Ucok himself is another nickname of Carl Johnson or shortened to CJ, who is the main protagonist of the game. Ucok was born from a GTA San Andreas mod famous in Indonesia.

Well, this mod changes the entire original GTA San Andreas game, including Carl Johnson’s name, which they also changed to Ucok Subejo. Reported by various sources, Tuesday (9/12/2023), the term Ucok comes from Indonesia’s GTA SA modder, Naufal Irfan.

Naufal was the first person to make the Ucok call on CJ in the GTA San Andreas Mod and is the manager of the GTAind website. Ucok’s call first appeared in GTA MOD Indonesia, in December 2013.

There are also several other characters who have nicknames, namely Ryder who becomes Paijo. Due to his popularity, CJ GTA San Andreas began to be called Ucok by Indonesian players.

CJ is the leader of the Grove Street Families, one of the most powerful gangs in San Andreas. However, since CJ left, this gang was labeled as the worst gang since they were led by Ryder, his best friend. After returning from out of town and assuming leadership, CJ must do various things to make the Grove Street Families the strongest gang in San Andreas again.

CJ himself is the first main character in GTA San Andreas to know how to swim, surpassing Claude from GTA III and Tommy Vercetti from Vice City. The swimming feature is implemented once CJ can swim! (Salsabila Nur Azizah)

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