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A NUMBER Senior employees who worked at YouTube expressed their concerns about the short video service, Shorts. They said Shorts could put YouTube out of business.

Collected from The limiton Tuesday (9/5/2023), these YouTube retirees fear that Shorts will consume the long-form content that has been their primary source for nearly two decades.

And this concern was demonstrated by data shown by the FT, where YouTube’s advertising revenue has fallen year-on-year for three consecutive quarters.

For your information, YouTube is currently still looking for ways to get more advertising funds from Shorts. Over time, long-form content began to decline.

This is because content creators make fewer long videos. They’re actually more interested in making money from short-form content. Unfortunately, if this continues to happen, the company could go bankrupt.

Until the publication of this news there had been no response from YouTube regarding the concerns of their company’s retirees. Let’s see if the pensioners’ predictions turn out to be correct or if YouTube has more sophisticated calculations.

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