iPhone 15 Pro owner says NFC module is broken after using wireless charger on BMW

TIME.CO, Jakarta – The problem with the new iPhone 15 series mobile phones apparently will not end, after the previous one Apple admit it iPhone 15 Pro and the 15 Pro Max has overheating issues and shows a bug in iOS 17.

Now a new issue has emerged with the wireless charging section which is believed to have damaged the module NFC, as quoted by GSMArena. It is true that not many people have reported this, but since this incident happens quite often, it cannot be ignored.

Several people on the MacRumors forum and users on X, formerly Twitter, have reported issues with setting up Apple Pay. While replacing the phone at an Apple Store, the employee claimed that the NFC module was faulty.

Eventually, people discovered the possible cause: the problem started after using a wireless charging pad in their BMW. Not only do these phones suffer damage silently, but there have also been several cases where the phone has entered data recovery mode. And it’s not a damage, the NFC module of the mobile phone is also faulty. According to users, they have not encountered such problems on previous iPhone models.

So far these reports are mostly coming from iPhone 15 Pro owners who drive BMWs. Apparently, one of the users who had the same problem, driving a 2023 Toyota Supra, said that he also gave up on Apple Pay on his 15 Pro.


In the meantime, the ArenaEV site, which has just carried out a review of the BMW i7 xDrive60, also carried out cell phone charging tests. It is true that the test material was not the iPhone, but an Android mobile phone. It was stated that the cell phone in testing ended safely with some heat when charging.

This news has prompted fellow iPhone 15 Pro or 15 Pro Max users and BMW drivers to remind each other to avoid using wireless charging in the car, at least until Apple and BMW figure out what’s wrong. For now it does not appear that the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus are experiencing the same problem.

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