iPhone 15 could have a new UWB chip, what is it?

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Serious iPhone15 will launch on September 12, 2023. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman mentioned a number of things Apple could introduce at launch. One of the new features that Gurman said will be part of all new Apple devices is chip Ultra Wide Band (UWB) U2.

Quoted from Gadgets now, UWB chips use the high-frequency, short-range radio wave spectrum to enable precise and more accurate location sensing capabilities.

UWB technology achieves this by sending radio waves and measuring the time it takes for those waves to bounce back after being reflected from an object. This enables very precise distance measurements and makes UWB an ideal technology for applications such as indoor positioning, object tracking and secure device authentication.

Apple first introduced UWB technology into its product line with the iPhone 11 in September 2019. The specific UWB chip used in Apple devices is the U1 chip which has been integrated into various Apple products such as iPhone, Apple Watch and AirTags. The introduction of UWB marks a significant step forward in Apple’s efforts to improve user experience, security and connectivity.

Key features of UWB on Apple devices include:

1. Precise location of the device

UWB enables accurate device-to-device positioning. With the U1 chip, Apple devices can precisely determine their relative position in space down to the centimeter.

This feature opens up the ability for apps to do things like find objects using AirTags, augmented reality (AR) experiences, and improved indoor navigation.


2. Spatial awareness

UWB helps devices better understand the conditions of their physical environment. This is especially useful for AR applications because it allows virtual objects to interact more naturally with the real world. For example, UWB can be used to associate virtual objects with specific physical locations.

3. Device Transfers

UWB improves the device transfer experience. For example, when listening to music on an iPhone and switching playback to the AirPods Pro, the U1 chip can facilitate a smooth transition by precisely determining which device is in close proximity and should take over playback.

According to Gurman, this new chip will improve location capabilities, making it easier for users to track their devices more accurately in the Find My application. He also added that future versions of all major Apple products may be available UWB U2 chip.

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