iPhone 14 users are complaining about battery degradation

TIME.CO, JakartaSerious iPhone 14 it has been on the market for less than a year, but some users have already reported health problems drums. More and more people are noticing that the health of their mobile phone battery is deteriorating faster than previous generations, as quoted by Gizmochina, August 12, 2023.

In some cases, battery health can decrease by up to 10%. This seems concerning, as it suggests that the iPhone 14’s battery may not last as long as previous models.

Site CreativeBloq first reported that many iPhone 14 users are taking to social media to complain about their battery health.

Sam Kohl from the news site AppleAppleTrack says its iPhone 14 Pro battery health is now at 90 percent in less than a year. “I have had an iPhone 14 Pro for less than a year… this is totally unacceptable,” he said via his Twitter account.

Another user, Andrew Clare, also pointed out that his iPhone 14 Pro lost 10% battery in nearly a year, compared to 15% for his two-year-old iPhone 14 Pro.

Replies to Sam and Andrew Clare’s post tell a similar story, with many iPhone 14 users reporting rapid battery drain. Conversely, older iPhones seem to hold up much better.


There is no clear explanation why iPhone 14 users experience rapid battery drain. This could be due to individual usage patterns. Another reason could be due to climatic conditions as this year many countries have very hot summers.

However, not all iPhone 14 users experience this problem. Some users claim that their iPhone 14 battery lasts better than previous models.

This isn’t the first time there have been complaints of battery issues with the iPhone 14. In May, Gizmochina reported that many iPhone 14 Pro users, as well as iPhone 13 users, reported serious battery swelling issues . It seems the number of disgruntled customers is growing.

Apple has not yet commented on the matter. The iPhone 15 series is expected to be released next month and many are hoping it will deliver an update.

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