IPB University researchers visit IKN Nusantara and enrich draft environmental assessment standards

TIME.CO, Jakarta – A total of 18 researchers IPB University from the Department of Aquatic Resource Management (MSP), the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK) and the Center for Environmental Research (PPLH) visited the National Capital or IKN Nusantara. This activity was carried out in order to follow up on the preparation of an environmental study.

Also present were staff from the Center for Standardization of Environmental Quality Instruments (PSIKLH) of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) and a team from Gadjah Mada University. At least 50 researchers gathered and visited different locations in the IKN.

“This activity was carried out in the context of enriching the preparation of a number of environmental study standards projects at the IKN, which currently has, is currently and will build many facilities and infrastructure to equip offices and infrastructure,” said Hefni Effendi who leads the IPB University research team, quoted from the IPB website on Monday 11 September 2023.

The formulation of these standards aims to provide guidance for the preparation of environmental impact analyzes (Amdal) and environmental management and environmental monitoring (UKL-UPL) efforts for various sectors. Once the study standards have been agreed, they will be uploaded to the page.

The team visited several locations, such as the archipelago’s Zero Point, viewing towers, and several development project spots in the IKN. For example, the ministerial housing complex, Sepaku Semoi Dam, Assumption Sepaku River, water distribution pipelines, ports, bay bridges and toll roads.

According to Hefni, this visit should enrich and refine the draft environmental assessment standards currently in preparation. “Inputs from allied sectors will also be provided later,” said the head of IPB’s MSP department.

In any development, environmental management documents are very important to ensure that environmental aspects are not violated. This document applies to all sectors, both businesses and activities.


These environmental assessment standards will later become a reference in the review of environmental management in enterprises or activities carried out by each sector. This was regulated by Government Regulation (PP) Number 22 of 2021 on the Implementation of Environmental Protection and Management.

Herni said that any environmental problem arising from development cannot be solved by development alone standard operating procedure (SOP) environmental management only. The consideration is because the types of development carried out are various and the environmental typology is also different.

Furthermore, the community groups that receive the benefits and impacts of development are also heterogeneous. This then encourages the need for environmental studies based on the level of risks that arise, as well as the scope or extent of the development activities themselves.

“For this reason, the PSIKLH was present, which was given the mandate to prepare the environmental assessment standards,” Herni said.

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