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JAKARTA – In less than 24 hours, Apple will introduce the latest iOS 17 operating system update on September 18, 2023. With a host of improvements to iPhone features, this has been eagerly awaited by iPhone users around the world. iPhone 15 marks the start of using iOS 17 on iPhone devices, which was released last week.

Unfortunately, only certain types of the older iPhone lineup can get the iOS 17 update. The latest iPhone SE, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14 are the models that will get the iOS 17 update.

The iOS 17 update will be available on Monday, September 18, 2023 starting at 10am PDT or Pacific Time. Due to the time zone difference, you can download iOS updates at the following Indonesian times:

Western Region: 24.00 WIB (Tuesday 19 September 2023)

Central Region: 01.00 WITA (Tuesday 19 September 2023)

Eastern Region: 02.00 WIT (Tuesday 19 September 2023)

In Indonesia, iOS 17 becomes available at night when you rest. However, you don’t have to worry about missing the update in time for launch. You can update iOS at any time after its official launch during these hours.

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New features like SharePlay, security check-in, sticker mania, live voicemail, StandBy, interactive widgets and many more are coming tonight with the iOS 17 operating system update.

Precisely because it will be available tonight, Apple is already planning to introduce other new features for iOS 17.1. Launched by X account @theapplehub, Monday (9/18/2023), there are many more features that will be available in the coming months as follows.

Newspaper application

This upcoming journal app allows users to record important moments and memories using photos, music, sports, and more.

AirDrop transfer over the Internet

As long as you and the recipient are signed in to iCloud, you can send content over the Internet even if it’s out of AirDrop’s range.

Apple Music Collaborative Playlists

Afterwards, you can collaborate on playlists with family and friends. Everyone is free to add, rearrange and delete songs.

List of iPhones that support iOS 17.

– iPhone14

-iPhone 14 Plus

-iPhone 14 Pro

-iPhone 14 Pro Max

– iPhone13

-iPhone 13 Mini

-iPhone 13 Pro

-iPhone 13 Pro Max

– iPhone12

-iPhone 12 Mini

-iPhone 12Pro

-iPhone 12 Pro Max

– iPhone11

-iPhone 11 Pro

-iPhone 11 Pro Max

-iPhone XS

-iPhone XS Max

-iPhone XR

– iPhone SE (2nd generation or latest)

Many positive comments have been expressed by iPhone users about the X account, especially regarding the journal application functionality which will be available in a few months. Not forgetting tonight’s iOS 17 update, people’s excitement regarding the update of several features of the iPhone device has made them amazed and waiting for its arrival. Are you looking forward to iOS 17? (Taja Aurora Bianca)

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