iOS 17 consumes battery? Here’s how to fix it: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Update iOS17 It’s an interesting thing that is widely discussed among Apple users. However, recently some users have claimed that the device’s battery is becoming more and more draining due to this update.

A number of former iOS 17 Twitter X users said that iOS 17’s power consumption was extreme when it was freshly installed on their iPhone.

“iOS 17 kills your battery” said one netizen.

“The new iOS 17 is really draining my battery,” chimed in another netizen.

However, tech experts warn that this is actually normal and will not be permanent, as the iPhone is working its way through the update to completion.

“And this happens not only with iOS 17, but also with previous updates,” he explained New York Post, Thursday (21/9/2023).

“Installing the update not only puts a strain on your phone’s battery, but it can take hours or even days to complete background tasks caused by the update,” the report states.

CNET experts also recommend that users continue using their iPhone as usual for a few days to wait out any short-term effects on battery life.

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FYI, iOS 17 brings new features like customizing contact cards for calls, real-time voicemail transcription, video voicemail for FaceTime, and NameDrop, an innovative, touch-free way to share contacts.

One of the newest features, called Check In, is the main featured feature, which allows users to notify friends and family when they are done traveling.

The Check-in feature offers peace of mind, but some say it can be abused by controlling partners.

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