Instagram will present Restyle, a special artificial intelligence for image editing: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Instagram will present artificial intelligence (AI) right artificial intelligence generative for image editing. Apart from editing, this AI also works to create new stickers on Instagram.

According to reports Dedicate onselfOn Thursday (9/28/2023), a tool called “Restyle” is similar to an enhanced generative AI filter. This allows users to combine photos into different views.

“Think about typing descriptions like watercolors or more detailed commands like magazine and newspaper collages with torn edges to describe the new look of the image you want to create,” says Meta.

The company will preview a new tool called “Backdrop,” an AI-powered generative green screen feature. Users can issue commands to position themselves in front of the Northern Lights for stunning photo editing results.

After that, the photo background will be automatically changed to the relevant command, thus providing you with more diverse and interesting content. Unfortunately it is not known when the restyle and wallpaper will be available, Meta only said that she would be available soon.

Meta also added that posts created using backgrounds and redesigns will have a label indicating the use of artificial intelligence to reduce the possibility of people confusing the post with human-made content.

Meta hasn’t shared what the labels will look like, but an information screen has already been seen on Instagram that says the images are generated by Meta AI. So it’s possible that Meta also uses a similar label.

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The company also showed off new AI-generated stickers, which will be available on Instagram, as well as WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook Stories. This feature allows users to quickly create custom stickers for their chats and stories via text commands.


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The stickers will be distributed to a limited number of English-speaking users next month. These features are in line with the promise of Mark Zuckerberg, who has repeatedly stated that generative artificial intelligence features will be present in every Meta application.

The tech giant will also develop more than 25 chatbots with generative AI, including several personalities based on celebrities and real-life creators.

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