Indonesian game Kejora can be wishlisted on Steam: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Game from Indonesia, Kejora will be available for PC/Windows via Steam. After being refined over the last couple of years, the game from a local Pekalongan studio, Berangin Crative, looks quite promising.

This game is about Kejora, who accidentally discovers a terrible secret that attracts the attention of scary creatures. Together with his friends, Kejora then embarks on an adventure to uncover the truth behind the mysteries that threaten his village.

As a hand-drawn puzzle platformer game, players will explore attractive landscapes and face challenging obstacles while solving puzzles to advance through the game.


Quoted from ignTuesday (8/8/2023), this game originally used the run-n-gun concept like Cuphead, as told by the founders of Berangin Crative, Yarfai Azami and Bagaskara Firdaus.

However, in its first prototype in 2021, this game received an unfavorable response. So Berangin Creative replaced it with a narrative puzzle concept. Also, the review was done after they joined the Indigo Game Startup Incubation (IGSI) program.


After two years of development, this game then improved its graphics. The number of Berangin Crative team members has also increased to nine people from the previous three people.

While it doesn’t have a release date yet, gamers who have been waiting for the Kejora game can already put this game on their Steam wishlist.

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