Indian Government Beware of Malware Attacking Android Users: Okezone techno

INDIA have assessed their citizens on the dangers of malware attacking users Android. It has also been reported that this malware can take personal data and take full control of the victim’s device.

The Controller General of Defense Accounts, a department of India’s Ministry of Defence, released a statement on the remote malware called DogeRAT, which was also previously reported by cybersecurity startup CloudSEK.

The statement said that the malware targets Android users predominantly located in India. It is distributed via social media and messaging platforms such as prominent applications such as ChatGPT, Opera Mini, YouTube, Netflix and Instagram.

“Once installed on the victim’s device, the malware will have access to sensitive data, including contacts, messages and banking credentials,” reads the Indian government’s Aug. 24 warning, cited by TechCrunch, Saturday (9/9/2023) .

This malware will later take control of the infected device and allow hackers to send spam, make unauthorized payments, modify files, and even take photos, press keys, track the user’s location, and record sounds.

While the source of the threat remains unknown, the alert highlights that a group of cybercriminals are using the Telegram app to spread fake apps from ChatGPT, Instagram, Opera Mini, and YouTube.

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The Indian Ministry of Defense itself has asked its departments and officials not to download applications from unverified third-party platforms or click on links from unknown senders.

It is also recommended to keep your smartphones updated with the latest software and security patches and to install antivirus applications.

In a blog post in late May, CloudSEK said Android malware has targeted customers in various industries, including banking and entertainment. The startup further noted that while it is primarily targeting users in India, this information is intended to raise awareness of Android users globally.

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