Increasingly sophisticated Google search can now correct and check “grammar”: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Google is a very popular search engine in the world. Now Google Search has also been equipped with features that can provide corrections and check the grammar of its users.

This feature is assisted by artificial intelligence (AI). After that Google will check for good and correct English grammar.

Quoted from Google 9 to 5, the grammar feature in Google Search can correct and make suggestions if there are sentences with bad grammar. This feature can also notify the user if the sentence is correct.

In simple terms, the AI ​​will analyze the language input used in Google Search whether it is appropriate or not. Even so, Google has revealed that the system isn’t 100% accurate, especially if the sentences are incomplete.


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It is not yet known when Google will release this feature, but the good news is that this feature has entered its early stages. So far, this feature can only be used for English sentences.

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After that, users just need to type the phrase they want to check. When you’re done, add the query “grammar checker” or “grammar checker” at the end.

If your sentence is correct, Google Search will display a green checkmark. If something is wrong, there will be an underscore in the wrong sentence or word.


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Google also provides a Feedback function below when the result of the grammar review does not match the user’s wishes. Also, the grammar check doesn’t work when users violate Google Search policies.

Previously, the grammar checker already existed on Google Main and Google Docs. Now, with the presence of this feature in Google Search, it will hopefully make it easier for users to search more accurately.

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