Increasingly Complicated, US Tightens Restrictions on AI Chip Exports to China: Okezone techno

WASHINGTON DC – The United States will reportedly tighten restrictions on AI chip exports to China. The move was made to prevent American chipmakers from selling semiconductors to China by circumventing government restrictions.

Reported by the site ReutersA US official who wished to remain anonymous explained on Monday (10/16/2023) that this rule would likely be added to US restrictions on sending advanced chips and chipmaking equipment to China, announced last October.

Expected this week, the rule update will block some AI chips that fall outside current technical parameters and require companies to report shipments of other chips.

Additionally, the United States plans to introduce new AI chip guidelines that will restrict some advanced AI chips for data centers that are not currently in use. As for identifying which additional chips will actually be banned, that is currently unknown.

Companies will also be required to report to the Commerce Department when they fill orders for more powerful consumer chips to ensure the chips are not used in a way that threatens national security.

Furthermore, the removal of bandwidth parameters will also be implemented which expands the range of chips covered. By removing this parameter, the speed at which AI chips communicate with each other will be reduced. This will make AI development more challenging and expensive in the future.

Meanwhile, the latest US crackdown on technology exports to China is increasingly complicating diplomatic efforts between the two countries. The Biden administration has said it has designed export restrictions to prevent U.S. chips and equipment from bolstering the Bamboo Curtain country’s military. On the other hand, they accused the United States of abusing export controls to crack down on Chinese companies. (Then heal Sya’bana)

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