InaRI Expo 2023, Head of BRIN Interested in Agarwood pulp as an air freshener

TIME.CO, Jakarta – National Agency for Research and Innovation (BRIN) an event is also being held this year exposure and the largest research in Indonesia or what is known as Indonesia Research and Innovation Expo (InaRIExpo 2023).

Held at the ICC building, KST Soekarno, located in Cibinong, West Java, this second InaRI Expo addressed the theme “Research and Innovation for a Better Future”.

BRIN head Laksana Tri Handoko opened the event and visited the exhibition arena. After walking around and asking what caught his attention, Handoko mentioned agarwood residue that can still be used to freshen rooms and eliminate odors.

“It’s a small thing, but the economy actually emerged from there,” Handoko said, Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2023. He thought it was interesting. “We will support this direction.”

Handoko noticed great diversity among the exhibitors, for example from agarwood to electric cars. According to him, the traditionally strongest research is based on Indonesia’s natural resources. According to him, this needs to be explored immediately because it is something that already exists in Indonesia.

“How to use what exists and create greater added value,” he added.

Agarwood air freshener

Luzz Bukhur Myzyan is the name of the product that caught Handoko’s attention. The product, which is shaped like a fiber, is packaged in large bottles and has four fragrance variants. “There are florals, Arabic, sweet and natural,” said Luthfi Fakhir, the company’s owner.

He said that in his place of origin, Banjar Baru, Kalimantan, there were many agarwood distilleries. Distillation waste in the form of waste can be reused as air fresheners. “After sending the sample to BRIN, when it was analyzed it was found that it still contained traces of agarwood from this distillery,” she explained.

Mentor of the BRIN Center for Applied Microbiological Research, Asep Hidayat directed the product as an aromatherapy and air freshener.

In fact, products like this have been widely used in Kalimantan for some time and still hold a large market share. The abundance of material goods in the area where he lives causes Luthfi to maximize his products.


It provides some treatments for the aroma to emerge more, one of which is mixing palm sugar and essential oil. With a certain dose and burning twice the aroma lasts 8 hours in a 4×4 meter room.

He suggested two methods to bring out the fragrance, which is to use conventional charcoal. “Now we burn it with candles, because using charcoal is dirty,” she explained.

He stated that he was very happy to have a mentor who truly understood gaharu and its derivative products. Besides that, knowing good packaging design makes it possible to translate the goods you own. Luthfi said its aromatherapy production will be launched in October.

Agarwood tea

Still linked to agarwood, this time in the form of a drink. Handoko had the opportunity to taste agarwood tea at the ITERA Botanical Garden booth. “It’s delicious, amazing,” Handoko said after tasting it.

According to Erika, the stall owner, agarwood tea is a native product of the botanical garden. “The icon of the ITERA Botanical Garden is gaharu,” Erika explained. The botanical garden uses the leaves of the agar tree to make tea.

Ready-to-drink tea made from agarwood, rosella and butterfly pea flowers is distributed free of charge to visitors who come to the stand. Erika said many mothers question her benefits. “Is there anything to lose weight?”

For your information, the ITERA Botanical Gardens are managed by the Sumatra Institute of Technology in Lampung.

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